The Ode To The Big White Chair Continues…

Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday top hats!

Today’s post was inspired by fellow blogger Casie Mace‘s ode to her white chair. I understood her feelings of love and affection for the item of furniture in question because I happen to own the very same white chair. Or rather, my sister owns it, and I have been granted the great privilege of using it in her stead. Fine print aside, I do believe everyone should have access to a big comfy chair. Activities with-on include but are not limited to: reading, writing, napping, phone gabbing, gazing dreamily out the window, tea (coffee) drinking, and a whole bevy of the other wonderful things in life.

Image credits: Fairfax and Sammons ArchitectureA Rosy Note, House Beautiful, unknown, Vartnya Hem, decorology, Julia Hoersch, unknown, Chris Barrett Design, El Mueble, James Michael Howard, IKEA

7 thoughts on “The Ode To The Big White Chair Continues…

  1. Emily

    Ahhh, if only a big white chair were practical for me! I know they say to buy a slipcovered chair so you can bleach it, but in my house, I’d be washing it every day! 🙂 They are beautiful though1

  2. Keely

    I’m just obsessed with white furniture, period. A white chair is definitely a must have! The 4th photo has been on the tippy top of my favorites list for such a long time, but all of these spaces look so inviting and relaxing!

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