Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love tea. When it comes from Starbucks. And is actually a soy latte.

So I’m not really a huge tea person. However, I know that many of you are. It’s herbal and great for you and metabolism and yadah yadah. Tea= terrific. The flimsy cardboard boxes they come in= a real pain in the arse to keep organized. They don’t stack well and their topple over rate is off the charts. To keep your tea time calm and hassle-free, I recommend ditching those standard boxes all together.

Your best bet for ensuring the longevity of your leaves is to opt for a dry, airtight glass or plastic container. Boxes like the ones below will keep your bags organized, visible, and accessible. They can usually be found for around $10-15 at places like The Container Store and IKEA.

{Tip: alternate the direction of the bags when stacking for maximum capacity}

These modular flip-out bins from The Container Store would also work pretty perfectly.

If you’re not as concerned with the whole airtight-ness, than a basket or wicker box might be your cup of…. oh man, I couldn’t do it. Just look at the picture.

As we know, glass jars will almost always come through in the clutch.

Or opt for a decorative tin-type canister:

If you’re a real tea fiend and/or British, you may wish to devote an entire drawer to your drink of choice. Throw some drawer dividers in there and you’re good to go!

If you don’t need to accommodate a vast amount of bags at any one time but still want ready access to them, then a tea bag dispenser is a smart storage option.

Bottoms up/ Cheerio!

Image credits: Cristina ReThe Holding Company, A Spoonful of Sugar, The Container StoreThe Holding Company, unknown, Graham and Green, Deulonder, Norpro via Amazon 

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