(IT’S NOT IKEA) Shoe Cabinet Update

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

*This post is an update to the Shoe Magic, Shoe Cabinet product source mystery, that, if you were never interested in purchasing in the first place, you probably won’t care at all about rehashing the matter today. Or just read for the heck of it hey!


A while ago I posted about the shoe cabinet with a slim profile that fits lots more shoes than you would expect based off its depth. Naturally, the one you all (like so many of you holy balloon) wanted to buy was the only version pictured which I couldn’t source:

Someone somewhere along the line mistook the product for IKEA’s HEMNES shoe cabinet, an understandable error given their likeness. The next person in line saw that the previous pinner/tweeter/commenter linked it to IKEA and so they did they same, and on and on it went for months.

The trouble began when people attempted to locate said product at IKEA and were unable to. Discerning eyes were all, “the IKEA one only fits 14 pairs, this one fits 27 I want this one where can I buy this one???” And I was all, shrug shrug, which I admit was lame.

The other day I decided I was officially done with the debacle and set about to solve the mystery once and for all.

I got in contact with the lovely Swedes of IKEA who confirmed for me that the cabinet pictured above is not, in fact, from their store, and good luck to all my readers finding it.

Then I got down and dirty with The Google. I mean, I got my search on in a serious way. What I uncovered? Well, it’s not really going to thrill any of you.

The shoe cabinet featured above, which evidently accommodates a whopping 27 pairs of shoes is a Japanese product, the original manufacturer of which remains inconclusive, but my best guess is that it’s something called Jiunin Home Furnishing. The farthest back the trail seems to lead is to this picture of it (on what appears to be a pinterest-esque cataloging site, so unless you speak Chinese, don’t even bother clicking over).

The good news for those of you who are desperate for that exact model is that there are various individual sellers featuring the product:

4D Concepts Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet (evidently holds 36 pairs of shoes)

Ali Express-white – $343.80 (w/ free shipping)

Ali Express, natural wood – $580.01 (including shipping)

Ali Express, white – $580.01 (including shipping)

IBUYLA – $146.54

Other options:

1. The STALL

The IKEA STALL cabinet fits a minimum of 18 pairs (as compared to the HEMNES’ 12 min.). This blogger notes that she was able to fit 28 pairs inside.

2. Use two

Use two of the HEMNES or the STALL side by side.

That’s that for the shoe cabinet.

I do apologize for any frustration this has caused. My intent was not to tease you with an image of a product that was unattainable. The trouble was that I wasn’t focused on connecting you with retailers, but on introducing the concept of the cabinet, and ensuring I used the most appealing images to do so. I see how this led to confusion, and recognize why it’s beneficial to provide you with direct links to retailers whenever possible. I promise I’ll do my best henceforth to include relevant product links, especially in posts that are, after all Annie, about certain kinds of products.


48 thoughts on “(IT’S NOT IKEA) Shoe Cabinet Update

  1. Krystle

    Love the idea of putting the shoe cabinets side by side, perfect for a small entryway wall, framed out with the mirror on top. Thanks for your hard work on the research too!!

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      I definitely think the side by side works, and actually doesn’t look silly or redundant, which it could have the potential to. And you are most welcome.

  2. Helen

    So I love you right now. We have a tiny entry way from our garage to our home (oh how I wish for and dream of a large mudroom, someday….) and since we mainly enter through our garage we have this crazy shoe pile that goes unattended to until someone (me) trips over it and gets fed up. I have been searching for a low profile, still at least moderately attractive solution to this, and then like a sweet angel of organization, bam, there you are! Bless you.

    Seriously though, those shoes were pissing me off.

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      So I love this comment right now. So happy to hear I could deliver to you during your time of need. And like, can you speak up more often? Your comment was thoroughly entertaining.

  3. Catherine Otieno

    Am loving the shoe rack/cabinets and am live in Kenya how can I get them especially the first shoe cabinet?

  4. Sam

    I have viewed online the links you provide for shoe rack. It is being shipped to me to the UK. I was able to chat online live with .china who could answer all questions live which was very helpful. I have been looking to. UY This item since first posted via Facebook. Has been months in the perusing cost was £364

  5. juliebunn

    For the Stall cabinet, in which you were able to fit 28 pairs of shoes, were those adult shoes or kid shoes or a combination?

  6. Mev

    This is the best post!! We have a tiny house with no mud room and the only thing that comes close to a “foyer” (ha) is at the front door, that of course we never use on the daily. Instead we come in through the door off the garage where you’ll find a pile of shoes (ours, the kids school shoes, and of course shoes for the myriad of sports they’re involved in at any given time). While the dog may love this, it is a disaster zone! I’ve been seeing the image floating around and you just did so much work for me! Thanks and no need to apologize, I come to blogs like this for inspiration – the sourcing is just the icing!!

    1. Annie Post author

      Hoping this guy helps you streamline your small space entryway shoe situation! Another suggestion: make sure to put a limit on how many pairs each family member can keep/have at the door at any given time. Then you can make a time every week when everywhere gathers extra pairs and carries them to their respective rooms.

  7. Christina

    Just thought I’d let you know that the product you posted is from a Chinese company… not Japanese.

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  9. charley

    Hi Annie, Massively late to the party but thanks so much for doing the research on this one. I posted it myself thinking it was from ikea and didn’t check so slap on the wrist for me! Appreciate the work you did.

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  14. Amber

    I found it, actually, but it’s no longer available: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Furniture-modern-brief-japanese-style-solid-wood-shoe-cabinet-women-s-shoes-2012-40s-the/1116165841.html

    It actually doesn’t have the flat front panel like Ikea’s Hemnes does, so I think Ikea has the better option. Also, if someone was really counting on having three drawers for the aesthetic, they could use Ikea’s Brusali and make the top drawer themselves.

    Hemnes: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40216908/#/20169559

    Brusali: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20267606/

    Personally, I prefer the 4-compartment version of Hemnes because of its shorter height, but I just thought I’d share my discoveries/observations!

    4-compartment: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80156120/#/60156121

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  21. marie

    Anyone know where I can buy the japanese shoe cabinet (pictured on Annie’s website under blog – it’s not ikea). I have tried aliexpress but they no longer stock same. thanks

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  26. Hackrelation

    Love the idea of putting the shoe cabinets side by side, perfect for a small entryway wall, framed out with the mirror on top. Thanks for your hard work on the research too!!

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