How To Deal With Deep Shelves

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

People are very often tripped up by deep shelves, as they can accomodate a large volume of things, but don’t allow for optimal accessibility. As a result, deep shelves tend to invite clutter. How to avoid this dilemma? Here are three ideas:

1. Never underestimate the power of a basket

Using a basket, bin, or other similar storage container is the easiest way to increase your deep shelf’s accessibility. The basket in this scenario poses as a pseudo-drawer; all you have to do is pull it out to get to the contents at the back, as opposed to blindly feeling your way into the depths and darkness just for one silly box of spaghetti.

There are a multitude of styles to choose from, including canvas storage bins, like the ones seen here.

As well as wicker storage baskets or banana leaf storage baskets.

 These whitewashed wood bins offer guaranteed sturdiness. 

This pantry is outfitted with a whole bunch of bins, among them some handy plastic storage containers.

2. Put a rod up in there

If you’re dealing with deep shelving in a clothes closet, you always have the option of installing a rod from which you can hang short items like skirts, shorts, perhaps even jewelry.

3. You don’t have to fill it just because it’s there

I know, this is a truly revolutionary notion. Just because you have a lot of space in that deep shelf does not mean you have to utilize it. I honestly think people forget this. There are no storage gods which will descend to punish you if you fail to fill up every possible nook and cranny provided to you. It is entirely allowable to store things at the very front of your shelf, and leave the back empty.

Simmer on that, hushpuppies.

Image credits: BHG, BHG, BHG, Real Simple via All Things G&D, unknown

7 thoughts on “How To Deal With Deep Shelves

  1. Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    Thank you for that last part! My new studio has the strangest little corner — only 12″ wide but 30″ deep — and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it since I have so little space to begin with. Shelving it out and putting baskets or bins up front without losing things in the back sounds like a perfect way to at least get some utility out of it and make it look a little more intentional. Keep the awesome advice coming! xx

  2. Sarah G.

    A lit candle under the clothes – yikes! But deep baskets for deep shelves – of course! Why haven’t I thought of that!

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