Name That Vacuum Cleaner Attachment!

October 15, 2014

There are things you’re expected to know in life that you’re never taught, like de-seeding a pomegranate, achieving self-actualization, or mental math (kidding, you’re not expected to know that). Also: what are those various vacuum attachments meant for, anyhow?

Consider yourself informed is what.

ever wondered what all those vacuum cleaner attachments were actually meant for?


Extension/ Telescopic Wand:

Consider this bad boy your go-go-gadget XL (L for long) arm. The extension or telescopic wand is meant to lengthen your reach, allowing you to get to those spots way far up high or way far back there.

Floor Brush: 

2 guesses, guys!

The floor brush is usually narrow and wide, with short bristles. It’s designed for use on wood or tile floors, and can pick up dust and crumbs.

Upholstery Tool:

The upholstery tool is also narrow and wide, but not as wide as the floor brush might be (this is fun!). It’s often recognizable for its colored (usually red) fabric strip, meant to pick up lint.

Use him on your sofas, your chairs, the furry part of your trunk, etc.

Dust brush:

The dust brush (not to be confused with the upholstery tool!) is usually round and has the longest (and fairly soft) bristles of the bunch.

Use it to dust yer windowsills and yer bookshelves and yer other places that collect dust.

Crevice Tool:

My personal favorite of all the vacuum cleaner attachments (sometimes I get such a kick out of the fact that we’re actually doing this–me typing and you reading).

Hard plastic, with a narrow, angled opening, the crevice tool is perfect for all those sneaky spots: under the fridge and behind the washing machine and along all the door indents and in all the corners and don’t miss that raisin there!

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