The One Thing You Need To Get Rid Of Today

March 4, 2015

You know that one thing you own?

The one you always try your hardest to make work, but then always choose something else over in the end?

It might be a blouse that you try on every time you’re getting dressed for an important occasion–you’re determined that this time– you put it on, look in the mirror, and…it’s just not right. You take it off, throw it onto the bed and pull on the next in the line. Later, you’ll hang the blouse back up, and even as you do you’ll think “mehhh.”

Or it could be a serving platter you’ve always admired but never feel compelled to actually serve food on. Here it is, your dinner party, you look to your collection of platters and…you graze the tray but keep moving past it and choose another–the one you always choose in favor of that dud, by the way.

Everyone needs to read! The one thing you need to get rid of immediately!

It could be a pair of shoes, a vase, a cooking spice, a book. Whatever it is (and you know immediately what it is, don’t you?) it’s the item you might really want to love or use, but then never do. Because reasons, where reasons aren’t all that significant because the bottom line is that you’ve had countless chances and countless times of proving to yourself you prize other items over that one.

Yeah, well, today could be the day you free yourself up from the responsibility of carrying around that one thing that bums you out, that isn’t quite right, that–despite all your best intentions and visions and blah blah blah–just isn’t serving you.

Today might be the day you finally yank the blouse off the hanger, take the tray out of the cupboard, grab that book of the shelf and— let go.


Look at it. Turn it over in your hands. The noise is going to be going full force, “spent so much money…might need…maybe someday…what if…” but you’ll shake it in your hands, you’ll feel how it doesn’t breathe, you’ll tell yourself to get a grip, breathe, yourself. And then, you’ll forgive yourself. You might say it out loud: “I forgive you, self.” For not using, for a poor decision, and you’ll decide that any thing that causes you this much guilt and anxiety is probably best done away with, anyhow.

Before you can let fear make you second guess your better knowing, you’ll put that thing in your donation bag and turn and walk away.

Look at you, so powerful. So free. You did it.

What else might you conquer today?

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