Favorite This: January 2017

February 1, 2017

January generally seems to linger for quite a while, but not this year. I feel like I went to sleep on Jan 1 and woke up to greet Jan 31, only I was woke for all of it. You feel me?

Dutiful blogger that I am, though, I didn’t want to let the month slip away without assembling some of my favorite things for your especial perusal. So, I present unto you, said things:


stand out tools for home organization and life simplification.

1. Crunch cans

I adore a crunch can. Storage vessel when you need it, flattens out when you don’t. I didn’t envision a world wherein there could be introduced an improved crunch can, but the latest colorway offerings (navy heather & natural shimmer) entirely dispel that. They’re also the slightest bit more substantial in weight/heft than the previous versions, from what I can tell, meaning they’ll hold their shape a bit better.

2. Gift wrap hutch

I gave this guy lots of props in this post, so you pretty much knew it was bound to end up on my favorites list.

3. Razor holder

This is one of the dumber tools I’ve included in a favorites list. Nonetheless, it’s been proving itself extremely useful for me, personally, for the past (over a) month. What do you do when you fall in love with a new razor that’s too thick to fit into the razor-holder slot in your tried and true shower organizer?

You get this brilliant silicone situation, slip it over practically any-sized container of shaving cream (it stretches) and voila, an at-hand razor holder.

4. Silicone resistant pocket

Piggy-backing right off of our last item, this silicone heat-resistant pad has equally been rocking it out for me in my own bathroom (listen, I have to test these things out for the good of the people).

The countertops in my (still) new house are fantastic, except for that one crucial fact that literally anything containing some portion of pigmentation causes them to stain. It took me a couple of weeks to connect the orangey blotches on the bathroom counters to the red hairdryer and red flat iron plates, but connect I did. And since forgoing the locks wasn’t quite an option, I opted to purchase a counter protectant.

This is technically a pocket, perfectly sized to accomodate a still-hot curling or flat iron. I’ve been content to use it as a mat on the counter on which to rest hot tools that are in use (adios stains). It also allows me to put away hot tools in the drawer in which they belong before I leave and before they’ve finished cooling down without having to worry. 

5. Egg timer

I’ve said it before, but I don’t know why you insist on keeping me in the dark about important issues such as egg timers. Here I’ve been, heavy into my hard-boiled egg phase for the last half a year, at least, thinking the egg cooking process was always bound to be a complete and utter mystery; what’s happening inside there? Are they done? Are they grossly runny? Are they so overdone the yolk is going to have that eery gray cast to it? 

Turns out: not so. You can get yourself an ingenious tool that illustrates precisely how cooked those eggs are, one that fits in the palm of your hand and costs barely above a fiver, and you’ll feel like Gordon mother-effing-Ramsay. Eggs, in. 

 6. Masterclass

Finally, for a bit of shameless self-promotion, I would be remiss not to include my own damn closet edit masterclass, easily my Most Favorite of all the Favorite Things. If you’re overwhelmed with where to start editing and organizing your closet, fear not. I created this masterclass just for you.

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