10 Pegboards, Endless Potential

July 8, 2014

For a little while there, it seemed as pegboards were going out of style, superseded by higher tech innovations like wall track systems and such.

Or maybe it was that I never really considered them as a viable option, without any good reason not to. They did me no fuss.

But as of late I’ve become somewhat of a pegboard convert. It started with a client who happens to have a rather large wall decked out in the stuff. For a while there it didn’t even register to me. But eventually the holes connected, as they almost always do–hey, this pegboard thing is a veritable storage playground!

You know what? Turns out pegboards are one of the handiest, most versatile storage solutions out there.

To make my case, I’ve rounded up 10 winners for your perusal. Scope these guys below:

This is a post to repin! 10 fresh ideas for using pegboards around the house.

1. Kim Victoria Wearne shows us how it’s done. Her design studio pegboard is perfectly organized, not to mention entirely sensical. Tools neatly lined up and at the ready yes please and thank you.

Love this pegboard used to beautifully organize tools in a design studio.

Photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files

2. Proof that, when it comes to pegboards, size doesn’t matter. This mini version fits the bill without even slightly verging on overkill. And get a load of how well pegboards and craft supplies go together.

Perfect pegboard use: organize the craft room + find a place to store all those odds and ends like pins and thread.

Image credit: I Heart Organizing

3. Pegboards pull their weight with more than just tools and spools of thread; down yonder you’ll see a p-board installed in an office space. It’s moonlighting as an inspiration board of sorts, plus more.

So original! Pegboard used as an inspiration board/planning tool in this workspace.

Image credit: The Footscray studio of The Project Agency; Photo – Ben Clement via The Design Files

4. You know another use for which pegboards are brilliant? Hanging art. This I can speak to personally; that aforeblogged client and I have used one entire wall of pegboard to hang art of all sizes and shapes–3D objects too, so handle that fact.

It’s about the easiest task to “hang” art when you’ve subtracted from the equation: nails, hammers, holes in the wall, et al. And with pegboards, you’re guaranteed ultimate flexibility.

Pegboards are the perfect way to hang art--who knew?!

Image credit: Brooke Holm The Design Files

5. This pegboard application earns its inclusion based on the ingenuity of its placement. Without the board that space would have been, what? Awkward shelf space that was nearly impossible to access? A black hole?

But the pegboard keeps tools and household supplies visible, not to mention deters the accumulation of clutter that shelves might invite. So there’s that, too.

Laundry room with pegboard wall for tools and wrapping supplies.

Image credit: The Hunted Interior 

6. Of course another locale wherein the pegboard shines is the kitchen. Somehow those pots and pans manage to look almost uber chic here…

Love this! Beautifully organized pegboard // pots and pans storage.

Image credit: A Beautiful Mess

7. But not just pots and pans! Hell, throw your whole cookware/utensil library up there. Cause who’s going to stop you, huh?

Denizens of small spaces should take note: this here idea is a winning one for you folk.

Such a genius technique for keeping small kitchens organized! Pegboards are the way to go.

Image credit: Domino Magazine 

8. Next is a slightly different approach that’s no less charming; the pegboard poses as a place from which to hang your mugs. Seems like stationing your espresso machine in the immediate vicinity would be the thing to do is what it seems.

Pretty pegboard wall for hanging mugs.

Image credit: The Clever Bunny

9. The garage remains a prime candidate for pegboards. Because like, you can use them to store all the things.

Get my garage a pegboard asap.

Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

10. Lastly, in what is the most original and potentially intriguing of the bunch: the pegboard as room divider/ valet.

Think of it: end the sibling squabbles by way of a little division of shared space while simultaneously achieving a place for said whipper-snappers to hang their clothing for the coming day.

Pegboard room divider/ clothes valet. Such a smart idea!

Image credit: 101 Woonideeen 


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  1. David on July 8, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Nice pegboards! I like the mug one.

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1 Comment

  1. David on July 8, 2014 at 7:57 am

    Nice pegboards! I like the mug one.

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