Live Simply All-Star: The Glass Jar

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glass jars are among the winningest organizing products because a. their shape is conducive to holding a wide array of small objects, and b. they allow you to see what’s contained inside– an unbeatable combination in my mind. Glass jars can also be repurposed easily with just a few tweaks, which only widens their organizational potential. Use them:

In the kitchen

Glass jars can be used to hold snacks and small kitchen accouterments such as tea bags, paper baking cups, and measuring spoons on countertops, and supplies like flour and sugar in pantries.

In the bathroom

Use glass jars for the small items you like to have on hand, such as cotton balls, q-tips, soaps, and combs.

In the craft room

Glass jars are perfect for storing small craft supplies like stamps and threads. Poke a hole in the top of a jar for an easy yarn holder, which will make knitting a breeze, or make a sewing-kit-in-a-jar by adding a built-in pin cushion on top.

At the kid’s table

Glass jars are a great way to keep all those loose crayons, markers, and other drawing supplies neat. And best of all, children can easily put them back in the jar when they’re finished. Goodbye, excuses for not cleaning up.

At your desk

Fill your jars with all those stray office supplies like paper clips, staples, erasers, pens and pencils. You can easily hang them below a shelf to save on space by simply screwing the lids into the shelf. Or you can make them more pleasant to look at by painting them any color of your choosing.


At the workbench/ in the supply closet

Loose screws, bits, and bolts feel right at home in glass jars. (Feel free to keep them right-side up…)

For the flowers

Finally, glass jars can easily be repurposed into vases. Painting not required.

I have also frequently seen glass jars used as candle holders, drinking glasses, and piggy banks. How have you used glass jars?

Image Credits: x3, Crate & Barrel, Creating Keepsakes Blog,, Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy, Life Under the Big Oak Tree 2Kootut Murut,, The NestMartha Stewart

4 thoughts on “Live Simply All-Star: The Glass Jar

  1. nmaha

    I love this idea. We have so many reusable glass jars lying around and a mother and daughter who love art, flowers and bling. I see an art party coming up 🙂


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