Laundry Care Symbols (Free Printable)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Turns out those symbols on your clothes labels aren’t ancient hieroglyphics after all. They actually mean things, and today you’re going to finally be let in on the secret. Take a moment. It’s fine.

Now take a gander at this little printable I put together just for you. Am I pal or am I one I am.

Click here to view/print: Laundry Care Symbols Printable

Maybe now will be the end of your ruining your clothing in the wash?

Here’s hoping!

Bonus points to anyone who leaves a comment confessing your greatest laundry debacle so that the rest of us can endlessly mock you/but actually more like feel better about our own. Commiserate, I command you!

Image credit: BHG

7 thoughts on “Laundry Care Symbols (Free Printable)

  1. Helen

    When I was a teen I thought I would help out my mom with the laundry unasked one day (between the hormonal meltdowns I was occasionally an actual human being), and ended up washing and drying her favorite cashmere dry clean only sweater. Yeah……..that was a bad day.

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      It’s the thought? On a completely different (but you know, also kind of similar) note, I once broke some totally precious glass thing of my mom’s when I was young, and I’m pretty sure a small part of her still hates me for it. Live and learn, you know?

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  3. Nancy

    I like this format better than others I’ve found online. But — I tried to print it, but all it does is feed a blank page. I’ve never had that problem before. Is there something wrong with the pdf file?


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