Monday’s Meditation: On The Obvious Solution

February 10, 2014

Society ingrains within us the belief that identifying solutions for our problems is an arduous task. We are taught that to uncover the answers will take a great deal of time and effort.

As a result, we often stay stuck in the mire of our problems far longer than we need to, almost obsessed with our struggle, glorifying the hopelessness of it all. We actually go so far as to dismiss the obvious solutions, falsely believing that if they are Simple they are therefore somehow wrong.

One of the most freeing acts we can engage in is to shift from a mindset that believes all of life is a struggle to one that recognizes–nay, expects–that so often the solutions we’re looking for are right under our nose. If only we would open our eyes to see them, and if only, upon seeing them, we would realize their inherent Simplicity makes them more miraculous; it doesn’t invalidate them.

Where there is a problem, there is a solution.

There is a solution when you open your mind to the possibility it exists.

If it is easy, obvious, or crazy Simple, thank your lucky stars and gladly accept.



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