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myCal: The Wonders of a Wall Calendar

This super technologically advanced day and age of the iPhone, the iPad, and the iCal offers a slew of electronic calendar options for tech-savvy and busy families. This is not the point at which I urge you to go download the latest, must-have scheduling app. No, this, in fact, is when I offer you a solution from the sleepy days of yesteryear. Brace yourselves: there is still nothing quite like having a real live calendar. ...

The Finery Things- Organizing Jewelry by Brain Type

When it comes to organizing jewelry, the two main concerns are keeping it from getting tangled, and keeping it from getting lost. General rules include the fact that necklaces should be hung to avoid getting tangled, Sterling silver should be stored in a felt or velvet pouch to prevent tarnishing, and pearls should be kept in a cotton or silk pouch to avoid being scratched. Other than that, it’s a matter of personality and personal ...

Monday’s Meditation: On The Five Rules for Happiness

It just doesn't get more concise than that. Happy new week folks!

Live Simply: The Man Edition (Controlling Your Coins)

Alright fellas, this post is just for you. Seems to me one of the chief obstacles keeping you from being orderly is your loose change. And it's not entirely your fault. After all, we ladies get to tote around giant bags that can hold whole piggy banks, while you, poor deprived sir, are relegated to the strict and utterly non-spacious confines of The Wallet. So, with that being said, I hereby present you with a multitude of ...

Take Back the Linen Closet in 7 Simple Steps

Too often I see linen closets that more closely resemble sloppily over-stuffed suitcases than a well-tended supply of sheets. Shelves hold masses of cloth so tightly bunched together that reaching for a single towel causes a fabric avalanche. Ladies and Gents, it's time to take back the linen closet. Step 1: Empty the closet's contents. Step 2: Sort through the soft mound. Get rid of all towels with fringes hanging off their edges, and linens ...


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