9 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Feel Nicer

April 17, 2012

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Before I launch into things, I should point out that the nine rules I’m about to lay down are nine of the most obvious ones out there. They aren’t secrets, and they won’t be things you’ve never heard before. Rather, they are guidelines you will be almost innately familiar with. So why write about them at all? Well, because we can all use a little reminding from time to time.

1. Make your bed

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your mom was right to nag you about making your bed, all along. Nothing is more transformative for making a room look neat and orderly than a made bed, regardless of the state of the rest of the room. Similarly, nothing makes a room look more undone than an unmade bed. Even if everything else is in its place, if your bed isn’t made, your room will look slovenly. It takes about 30 seconds, so just do it.

2. Do the dishes

An empty sink, free of dirty dishes, operates much like that made bed. Do the dishes and the whole kitchen will feel cleaner. Let them stack up, and the result will be an overwhelming “ick.” Find ways to make this chore less tiresome or grotesque for yourself. I, personally, am grossed out by the idea of touching all the dirty dishes. The solution for me? Rubber gloves. If boredom is your main gripe, try watching TV as you wash, etc.

3. Clear the counters

Counters play a large role in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. If your primary surfaces are nasty, chances are high that the entire room will feel that way. While it can be tempting to let things accumulate on them, make it a habit to regularly clear the counters of any items that can be put away elsewhere. Likewise, regularly wipe down the counters with a cleaner of your choosing.

4. Vacuum/ sweep the floors

Crumbs and dust under foot never feels or looks pleasant. Though it’s a small thing, clean floors really affect the overall sense of cleanliness of your space. When you take the time to sweep or vacuum, you’ll be amazed to see how much dirt you pick up.

5. Light a candle

Candles are on of my favorite ways to instantly improve the ambiance of your home. They work to combat any sketchy odors by adding a lovely scent into the air. I find that having one lit, even if you have other lights on, really adds a soothing vibe as well. Look around, smell lots, find one you love, and then treat yourself to it. Light, enjoy, repeat.

6. Buy some flowers (fake or fresh)

Flowers make any room feel nicer. Why that is I’m not quite sure, but I do know it’s undeniably true. Fresh flowers are obviously preferable because they’re, well, fresh. If money is an issue, I find that fake flowers will do the trick just as well. They work to inject a sense of color, energy and joy into your space.

7. Take out the trash

Overflowing trashcans are a serious no-no when it comes to cultivating a serene and clean home. Regardless if the trash is smelly or full of odorless tissues, the sight of a whole lot of garbage doesn’t look or feed good to surround yourself with. Take it out.

8. Do the laundry

This is important for two reasons. If you do the laundry you’ll have clean clothes to wear, thus, you’ll feel better no matter what space you’re occupying. Also, the sight of a brimming dirty clothes hamper is such a turn off. Make a schedule for laundry if needed to ensure that it gets done routinely.

9. Open the windows

When in doubt, air it out. Fresh air is one of the best cure-alls for any home that feels tired, stiff, smelly, anything really. Open them wide, and welcome that fresh breeze right in!

Image credit: House to Home, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, House and Home, Glitter Guide, Once Wed, Southern Living

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