11 Handy & Attractive Holders For Magazines & More

February 16, 2016

The trend of digitalizing content may steadily be increasing in popularity, but there are still loads of people who loyally subscribe to their preferred magazines and newspapers–in printed form.

For these people, the retro excitement of receiving real mail lives on. The allure of opening one’s mailbox to find, apart from the junk mailers and the bills and the invites, a fresh, ripe publication continues to delight. Such individuals enjoy the act of physically flipping the pages, of tearing out a few here and there. They move the magazines from room to room with them, or they leave them stationed in a central location, where visitors might happen a casual perusal, too.

They consider magazines and quarterlies and what have you beautiful, display-worthy–at times, collectable.

This is all fine and good, until the point at which magazines begin to pile up around these people’s homes, to sit stacked, awaiting a read, for as long as it takes for a layer of dust to accumulate on the top issue. The latest issues keep coming in and the back issues keep piling up, and the owner, meanwhile, is already in the middle of reading three books and listening to two audiobooks, and following her favorite blogs and podcasts, and, not to mention, has a truckload of responsibilities filling her hours.

But she still likes to have some! She still wants the chance to leaf through her favorites. When she has a moment. I mean, she doesn’t just want to recycle all of them! Give her a chance!! She pleads.

Alright, alright. Here’s what: you get yourself a dedicated holder for the publications in question. You may keep it as stocked as it reasonably fits. You never keep more than will fit in that one holder. When a new magazine gets added, you take a gander at what’s already in the rack, cut your losses, and decide to reconcile with the fact that you won’t be intimately acquainted with the July 2015 issue of Bon Appetite and that you’ll probably be just fine in spite of that.

In summation: magazine racks–storage and quantity enforcer all in one.

The handiest and most stylish ways to keep your magazines contained.

1. Brown Mesh Wire Metal Magazine Rack / Mail Holder / Document File Folder Storage Basket w/ Label Holder

2. KOUBOO Oval Rattan Magazine Rack

3. Blake Magazine Rack

4. Gazette Magazine Rack- Black

5. Front Page Magazine Rack

6. Versa Magazine Rack

7. Kassett 2 Pack Magazine File Folder Organizer

8. Metal Magazine Rack Gold

9. Metal Magazine Rack

10. Metal Magazine Holder

11. Buckle Magazine Caddy


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