The Window Seat

Friday, December 14, 2012

I love me some window seat.

Growing up, my living room had a window seat that stretched the length of, well, the windows, and I clocked a more-than-respectable number of hours there.

The sight of a window seat immediately takes me back to the many days I spent laying on mine– pup curled up beside me, the late afternoon sun beaming in on me through the glass, drifting off into so many pleasant slumbers that were so many times interrupted by the dreaded ringing of the doorbell announcing the arrival of my math tutor.

Let’s just sleep a few minutes more. She’ll be alright out there on the porch…

Image credits: Liz Hand Woods, unknown, Molly Frey DesignHouse Beautiful, Domino Magazine via Design to Inspire, Traditional Home, House Beautiful via Circa Lighting, House Beautiful, Desire to Inspire, House Beautiful

2 thoughts on “The Window Seat

  1. ashley

    how do you always find the most gorgeous pictures?? i hadn’t thought much about window seats until our wedding – every room in the hotel where we stayed and had our reception had huge window seats with big, plush pillows and it was just so FUN. we heard stories of parents having their kids sleep up there, enjoying coffee in the morning while looking out. it made me realize how great it would be to have one in a house!

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