It’s In The Bag: Keeping The Contents Of Your Purse Organized

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today we’re talking purse organization. Without some purposeful intention, it’s all too easy for your pocketbook to become a catch-all for, well, anything you can fit inside. The bigger the bag, the larger the array of clutter that accumulates. The more cluttered, the longer it takes you to locate your credit card at the register, and the angrier everyone in line behind you becomes. Let’s start by reviewing the basics, shall we?

Here’s what a purse should be:

– A bag to hold the everyday essentials you need while on the go

Here’s what a purse is not:

– A wastebasket

– A filing cabinet

– A suitcase

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move right along to how to get your purse looking pristine:

Step 1. Dump out the entire contents of your purse.

Step 2. Sort and de-clutter.

Throw out any trash (crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, etc). Put all paper money and coins in your wallet. Gather together and set aside all the makeup you’re carrying around.

Step 3. Decide on your purse essentials.

My list includes:

– Wallet

– Sunglasses

– Moleskine planner

– cell phone

– Purell

– Hand cream

– A pen

– Lip balm

– Pack of gum

– Headphones

– Camelback water bottle

– Energy bar

Figure out your own essentials, keeping them limited to items you truly always need to have on you. I don’t carry around makeup with me, but know that many women do. However, evaluate which and how many beauty items you really need on you. One lipstick makes sense, those extra five belong in your makeup kit AT HOME.

Step 4. Assign a home.

Utilize the compartments in your bag. Place your cell phone in an easy to reach pocket. Like things should be kept together, so if your bag doesn’t have sufficient compartments, opt for some smaller cases to contain similar items. For instance, a small pouch can be used to contain all your beauty essentials such as lipstick, mascara, and bobby pins. Below, some suggestions:

Step 5. Maintain regularly.

It’s natural that a bit of clutter will accumulate in your bag throughout the day as you’re rushing around. Make it a habit to remove this clutter at the end of each day, or the end of each week.

And that, my fair maidens, is how you keep your precious purse in perfectly organized condition.

P.S. Live Simply gold star to anyone who leaves a comment telling us what ridiculous things you found in your bag as you were cleaning it out.

Image credits: Louis Vuitton, J. Crew, The Cheery Blossom GirlUs WeeklyClare Vivier, Les Composantes, Good Housekeeping, Les Composantes

9 thoughts on “It’s In The Bag: Keeping The Contents Of Your Purse Organized

  1. Rachel (@hopscotchgrace)

    Loved this post Annie! My handbag always has the tendency to get unruly so I make sure I clean it out and reorganise every week. I always tend to carry around way more than I need “just in case” – I can’t help it! Love these little purses as a way to organise everything inside your bag xx

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      Thanks for the comment Rachel! So great that you’re disciplined about maintaining your bag, makes it a-ok if you’re carrying around a couple extras in my book 😉

  2. Sheba

    Love this post ! I was wondering how you fit it in a camelbak water battle in that bag? Does it leask? i have a camelbak water bottle and I am always worried if it will leak :). Keep up the good work Annie!

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      Funny you should mention that. Only recently has it begun to leak, which I think is a sign that’s it’s time for a new one. And yes it does fit… And adds a huge amount of weight. Alas, I’m dedicated to hydration.

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