Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker

December 5, 2012

If you’re in search of the most perfect gift for anyone (The Happy Hostess! The Jetsetter! The totally disorganized and dysfunctional!) this holiday season I have found it for you. You’re welcome.

The Uten.Silos by Dorothee Becker. Uten.Silos, reader; reader, Uten.Silos.

Here’s the backstory on this iconic wall organizer because there is one. In the late sixties in Germany, Dorothee Becker, wife of designer Ingo Maurer, decided to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in plastic as a design material. Dorothee was inspired by a “hang-up toilet bag made of waxed cloth full of pockets for the various toiletries” that hung in her father’s drugstore when she was a child. “The bag held items which would normally have been stored vertically in a horizontal position.” she said. “I never forgot this practical idea and later used it in UTEN.SILO.”

A prototype was presented at the Frankfurt Fair in 1969, and Dorothee’s husband (obliging man that he was, evidently) decided to invest DM 250,000 ($167345.76) to get production of his wife’s creation underway.

The Uten.Silo sold fantastically until 1974 when production was halted due to an oil crisis. After that point, Becker’s plastic creation was abandoned in favor of designs made from wood and other natural materials.

Since being reissued by Vita Design Museum in 2002, Dorothee’s plastic wall organizer has once again risen to icon status. For things like scissors and glue, pens and pencils and eyeglasses, cosmetics and kitchen utensils, keys and tools, notepads and postcards, there truly is no organizer more perfectly suited for storing the small items in your life. And given it’s history, I’m sure you’ll agree that the Uten.Silo is in fact much more than an organizer, but a piece of artwork too.

Indulge yourself or someone you love this holiday season with a Vitra Uten Silo Wall Organizer.

Oh and did I mention it retails for approx $400? Yeah, it does.

What’s that? You want to kill me now?

Well, yeah, that’s probably fair.

What’s your take on the Uten.Silo?

image credits: Design Sponge, Design Sponge, VogueModern Findings, unknown, House to Home, Per Gunnarsson, ZAI Couple, House to Home

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