Spotlight On Studio McGee

September 17, 2015

Studio McGee, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee’s work so much I already featured it in a designer spotlight post, for one.

Ever since then, everything you roll out of your design factory simply slimes me in green envy. And then you went and updated all your social media channels with this latest project of yours and it’s all I can do not to start yelling at my screens, “I WANT THAT.” (Please.)

Master Bedroom Design by Studio McGee Master bedroom design from Studio McGee

That bedroom above, I’ll take one.

The one down below, I’ll take one, too.

I could live in this guest bedroom by Studio McGee. Bathroom with Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray vanity and B-W artwork by Studio+McGee

And if I can’t take it, I’ll at least cheer for a leather chair colored like toffee. Like melted brown sugar and all things nice.

Toffee-leather wingback and beautifully styled bookcase by Studio McGee

I don’t enjoy being melodramatic, I swear it. But I insist we all have a moment to pause and gaze at the stools happening yonder.

Gorgeous white kitchen with herringbone backsplash by Studio McGee

They’re like the stools you’ve seen a thousand times over, except not at all.

Gorgeous white kitchen with herringbone backsplash by Studio McGee

Listen, I really don’t care how much of a trend-conscious girl it makes me: I love a hefty dose of gold accenting and the fact that you serve it up so perfectly, McGee; heavens; my hat, and such.

Dining area with bamboo chairs and a stunning brass light fixture by Studio McGee

I love thee for the practically irrefutable definition of beachy serenity you whipped up here:

Perfectly serene design by Studio Mcgee Gold mirror and beachy vibe from Studio McGee

And, really, for the bulk of your portfolio, I bow to you.

Stunning kitchen by Studio McGee Come swoon over the rest of Studio McGee's portfolio Kitchen design by Studio McGee with bistro stools. Sophisticated office design by Studio McGee

Keep making spaces beautiful, you’re so dang good at it.

And d’you know what you’re good at? Being the paliest readers // continually trying to be your best selves.

This post held together well, if today were opposite day. But then, with those photos you barely needed the words, anyways.

Kisses and hugs. Catch ya on the flip sideee.

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