Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get Organized

May 13, 2014

There are a whole bevy of ways to decipher whether one is in dire need of organization, and so today I offer you just three. The most telling three tell-tale signs of all the tell-tale signs.

Don’t scoff at their supposed obvious; not everyone is as highly attuned as you.

The new measure: 3 Tell-tale signs you need to get organized

1. You can’t ever find what you need

If your life feels like a constant scavenger hunt sans completion prize, then it’s pretty safe to say you, my dear friend, need to be Simplified.

One could make the argument that the very definition of “being organized” is the ability to easily locate your belongings when you desire them.


Start paying attention to how often you’re asking yourself “Where did that one thing go??” How many times per day you’re rifling through piles of papers, digging through drawers, and scratching your chinny chin chin in frustration and bewilderment. Be aware of how much time you’re giving over to searching for your things, and how that is directly impeding your ability to be efficient, timely, and peaceful.

2. You’re embarrassed to have people over

While social pressures shouldn’t be the main motivation for anything, they can be quite revealing.

In the case of organization, or a lack thereof, your feelings towards having others step into your space usually contains at least a hefty morsel of truth about the situation.

If your space is causing you shame, if you have to do a mad-dash-stuff-it-away-in-a-box before your guest arrives, then hey, buddy, it’s time you get the Live Simply going.

3. Other people feel uncomfortable or sad being in your space

Okay, so there is a limit to which this logic should be applied. Obviously, the person your space needs to accommodate and make comfortable is you first and foremost. But often, outsiders see things we ourselves cannot.

Rather than resisting feedback from your close friends and family, consider taking their repeated urgings and concerns to heart by hopping on the LSBA train.

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