On Sale Now! Kitchen Cures From The Container Store

March 13, 2018

You know those “My favorite picks from the Shopbop/Nordstrom Anniversary sale!” posts that all your favorite bloggers regularly publish? I don’t know about you, but I have no time for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hustle, but I also cannot pretend said posts do anything other than to trigger a rolling of my eyes.

It feels like such a painfully obvious attempt to suckle at the big consumer machine teat (that sentence might have been eye-rolling pedantic, where it not to have been a pop-culture, semi-lowbrow film reference).

When I tell you that me writing a My favorite picks from The Container Store’s Kitchen Sale! post is like, so not the same thing, you must believe me.

See, the key difference here is that I really, genuinely, truly, just want you to be able to have the best organizing products, which I believe these to be. Not one of them will be novel to any of you loyal readers, since I’ve written about them all exhaustively over the years. Only now, you can purchase them at a lower price than normal.

I can’t sit on this information without ensuring I’ve done my part to spread the news that this sale is on through April 1!

Don't miss nabbing these all-star kitchen organizers while they're on sale!

1. Linus pantry binz– use them everywhere for everything.

2. Linus deep drawer binz– use them for everything in all the deep, wide places.

3. OXO good grips turntable– the never-fails lazy susan.

4. Expand-a-drawer utensil tray// utility tray // cutlery tray -the tried and true drawer dividers, since they expand to fit even the widest/longest kitchen drawers, and don’t require you to piece together your own modular world.

5. OXO pop canisters-the go-to food, stackable canisters.

6. Glass jar with chalk label-the go-to glass food storage.

7. Adjustable cookware rack– the stablest and best, adjustable lid/baking sheet/tray organizer.

8. Undercounter pull out trash can– the wastebasket wonderkid.




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