Monday’s Meditation: On The Intuition

November 2, 2015

Remember: just because the intuition doesn't tell you why doesn't mean it doesn't know best.

From the lips of gurus, intuition can sound like a load of hooey.

“Listen to the small, quiet voice inside you.”

There’s someone inside me?

“Your inner core knows how you truly feel.”

Core, yeah, gotta blast the abs later. 

“Beneath the illusion of your ego lies the eternal truth of your spirit.”

I can smell the incense you were burning while you recorded this audiobook from here. 

Yet there can’t be anyone among us who hasn’t, at least once or twice, experienced an instantaneous, intuitive flash of wisdom.

Call it a gut feeling or an inner knowing, the intuition is like an internal GPS, capable of steering our whole lives.

This knowing precedes thinking. It isn’t steered by logic, and it doesn’t care about your pros and cons list.

It is a feeling, a leading. It speaks, in my experience, through the spectrum of excitement vs. whatever the opposite is–dread, loathing, guilt, obligation.

When we experience a feeling of excitement from the first instant an opportunity arises and anytime thereafter, that’s our intuition giving us a “go for it!” blessing. When, on the other hand, a person, situation or opportunity leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths, a feeling of conflict or discordance in the deepest levels of ourselves–an un-lit-up-ness–our intuition is trying to tell us to turn and run in the other direction.

The intuition has the power to guide us through any decision, habit, or relationship. Indeed, there are people who rely on their intuitions to determine the course of their whole lives.

Yet so often, when most of us have a strong intuitive answer one way or another, we ignore it. We talk ourselves out of it. We tell ourselves why it isn’t right. Or might not be. We reason and think strategically and mentally connect actionable dots, try to calculate cause and effect. We don’t believe in the intuition’s validity.


Because when we ask our intuition that same question, it has no answer. Intuition does not live on the level of why or why nots. It just is.

Well, that’s a pretty unqualified response, we feel inclined to tell it. You’re telling me you have no reasoning to support your conclusion and I’m just supposed to trust you anyways, ’cause you said so? 

Well, yup.

But what about how this will affect our family dynamic/my career path/his college eligibility? 

I told you my answer lady. 

The intuition’s lack of grounded-ness in facts and figures makes us uncomfortable, at first. We feel we ought to at least weigh our intuition against all the logical factors we can generate.

Yet isn’t having a powerful, definitive answer from your intuition the best possible scenario? Isn’t it glorious in the very fact that its answer doesn’t have to be labored after or calculated or processed, but merely listened to?

Listen: it’s always a possibility that we’re making a mistake or choosing wrong. There is no guarantee of anything in this life except that it is limited.

It’s still as possible to make mistakes or poor decisions when following our intuitions rather than relying on outer data. But see, most of the time, the intuition can’t help but to have this uncanny ability to steer us right, and therefore to have the leg up on rationale.

It lives just below our busy thinking, worrying, obsessing brains on a plane wherein lies our deepest spiritual desires, our soul’s natural wonderings–our truest selves. Unencumbered with everyday distractions, unyielding to ego-based thoughts and fears, the intuition is the truest, most accurate factor we aren’t giving sufficient weight to.

I don’t know about you, but I have only ever regretted not following my intuition.

There are times when we feel like our whole lives are at stake, or our whole careers, or friendships, or health. There are difficult decisions we must make. If we allow anxiety and fear to rule us, intuition can appear baseless, self-indulgent, or disconnected from reality and the implications of our decisions. Desperate for clues, confused and overwhelmed, we start to cling more and more onto the slippery strings of reason, logic, and obligation.

But the benefits of going outside of ourselves to help navigate our lives are spoken little of.

Realizing that you have access to an inner compass that already has the answer that’s most right for you in this very moment, and then putting your trust in that spirit-leaning over all else, on the other hand–

Following your intuition doesn’t make you a loony tune, it makes you a kind of spiritual bad ass.







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