Monday’s Meditation: On Helping Yourself

August 12, 2013

I recently read the above quote in a copy of the Oprah Magazine while pummeling away on the dreaded Eliptical machine (really, is there anything more mundane?). Rock’s Q & A spanned a page, which I scanned, my eyes settling on the bottom-most quote. All motion halted–I read it again. And then, nodding to myself as I recommenced peddling I sent Rock a message (telepathically, naturally) which went something along the lines of, “Chris! That’s so true!”

On one level, Rock was merely relaying insight gained through personal experience. His words easily extend beyond his own circumstances, though, lending themselves to myriad other scenarios.

We all have our own stalled cars–projects and puzzles that need work in order to reach a resolution. Whatever they are, big or small, if we have acted helplessly in regards to them, if we have set them down, put up our thumb, and hoped that help would fall into our laps, we will sadly learn that such things will remain stalled indefinitely.

While we may wish those drivers who whizzed past yet-undiscovered Rock had heeded his outstretched arm, his call for help, we can understand why they didn’t brake. A person who isn’t actively engaged in a task doesn’t sufficiently communicate the assistance they might require. Who knows what that man standing on the side of the road wanted? Who even knows what kind of a guy he is? Maybe he’s on drugs. Maybe he’s in a heap-load of trouble that will occupy the entirety of my day and I can’t get into all that. Maybe he’s a serial killer!–I’m not stopping.

But the person who has proven themselves to be capable, the person who has demonstrated that they rely chiefly on themselves to accomplish their goals, and that while they may benefit from our help, they won’t come to depend upon it in a disproportionate manner wherein we end up carrying all of their weight, that person is easy to help. Moreover, by beginning the process on their own, that person has made it easy for us to jump onto an already in-motion effort and lend a hand.

When your car stalls, whatever your “car” is, let it be your first inclination to solve the problem yourself. Utilize The Google, your muscles, or whatever your respective task requires. When we help ourselves, more help will come to us. When we believe in our capabilities, the universe will find some way to amplify our means. When we just start pushing our own car, we will either find that we’re powerful enough to go it alone, or someone, seeing clearly our intent, will jump out to help us push. Either way, we can’t lose.

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