Live Simply In January: Clarity (& Happy New Year!)

January 1, 2022


My mom has always insisted on one’s right to enjoy the benefits of the hardship they endure (misfortune and fortune tend to go hand in hand). Like taking full advantage of the handicap license plate her MS affords us and perpetually parking in the most convenient spot of every parking lot.

The last two years felt like some divine force had taken scissors to our concept of normal, cut it into confetti-sized pieces, and then reassembled it, blindfolded, using chain link and frosting. And the loss of our sense of normalcy has been the least of many people’s suffering.

The redeeming gift is now ours for the taking–clarity.

When shit hits the personal, societal and global fan, the discrepancy between what is nonsense and what is essential increases.

The denial, avoidance, and fear we used to try to employ only ever lead to more of those things. But the courage to face things as they are allows us to experience miraculous breakthroughs.

In lockdowns and behind masks around the globe, we’ve had the opportunity to decipher trivial baloney from the truth of what matters to us–the health of our families, our bodies, and our minds.

Wielding that knowledge allows us to make the necessary decisions that uphold our values and make space for our priorities.

We are poised to pour more love and attention into worthwhile causes and relationships, while allowing the unimportant to fade away.

I hope you start this new year by seeing clearly what is, even if it absolutely sucks. Even if doing so scares the cuticles off of your fingers. I hope you know you can handle the truth, no matter what it is. You can course correct from even the most convoluted place. I hope you let what matters most to you rise to the top, and I hope you let go of your grasp on everything else, breathing great sighs of relief as you do.

Wishing you clarity and simplicity in the new year,


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