Live Simply All-Star: Kitchen Cabinet Stacking Shelves

July 3, 2012

You all want to achieve the maximum amount of storage space possible in your homes. I know this. And there is nothing more frustrating than the feeling that you’re vastly underutilizing said space.

Enter: elevated shelf organizers.

Now, as far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent name for these across the board. The poor things are poorly identified by retailers, marketed from a wide range of vague and unhelpful titles including but not limited to: “cabinet shelves,” “kitchen counter shelves,” “rectangle shelf,” “corner shelf,” “pantry shelf,” “corner pantry shelf,” “cupboard shelf,” and sometimes all of those from one store.

This matter concerns me because I just don’t feel right about sending you out into the world on the hunt for “rectangle shelves.” If you asked me for one of those, I would probably send you to the plywood aisle of Home Depot.

The point is that they are shelves that you put on shelves to double your shelf space. So maybe that’s just hard to put into a name. Nonetheless, they are brilliant.

They’re hugely helpful at providing you with twice the amount of cup, bowl and plate-stacking space as evinced by the photos below:

And can work equal bi-wonders in the pantry:

You could even, if you felt so compelled, use one of these out on the counter.

And while we’ve opened up that world of possibility, we might as well go ahead and admit that these would work most any place where you want to put stuff. So, like, everywhere.

Go ahead. Stack away!

And while you’re at it, leave a comment pitching us on what in the hell you think these should be called. Live Simply snaps for the best name. World domination to follow.

Image credits: A Bowl Full of LemonsFolding Mesh Stacking Shelf, link removed by request, link removed by request, Martha Stewart x2, link removed by request x2

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