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The Art of Creating A Killer Grocery List

I don't know about you all, but I tend to do my shopping at the same couple of stores, and at every store there are items that I regularly purchase- same brand, same flavor, and so on. With that in mind, here's a tip to make your life just a little bit easier: Instead of loitering in aisle 7 racking your brain for what brand of corn flakes your little Charlie prefers, make a grocery ...

Chatting with Simplified Bee

Today I am delighted to introduce you all to Cristin of Simplified Bee. Cristin is a professional organizer, interior designer, and busy mom who is amazingly talented at creating beautiful and clutter-free spaces. She shares with us what inspires her work, some of the best organizing tactics, and some very helpful advice. Enjoy! Your company, Simplified Bee, was created because of the need you saw for "functional interior design." Can you describe what that is? ...

Live Simply All-Star: Cubbies

Seems to me we had it right in Kindergarten, after all. Cubbies are an optimal solution for keeping things looking neat. These bad boys work for just about anything- shoes, clothes, kitchen accoutrements, binders, baskets, toys and more. Here's why: shelves can seem expansive and overwhelming; How to stack? How to style? How to arrange on such vast domestic terrain? The genius of cubbies is that they are contained. They ask us only to concentrate on ...

Monday’s Meditation: On The Motivation

I used to be deathly afraid of spiders. Now I kill them with ease. So what changed? Not my fear of spiders, as it turns out. No, what happened instead was that my desire to be rid of them finally overcame my fear. Over time, the leading voice in my head changed. Before the voice that spoke loudest said, “I am so afraid of this spider that I will just work around it or pretend ...

Rinse Cycle, Synch Cycle: Laundry Tips

Laundry. To some the word represents all the hope and happiness in the world, an act full of possibility for fresh beginnings. For others, laundry is a word so vile that they would go to unfathomable lengths to avoid it; the Voldemort of housework, for these tortured souls, laundry is known most commonly as the "taskwhichshallnotbenamed." Here are some tips for both types: The goal is to make the laundry process as simple as possible, so that the ...


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