Terms & Conditions

Last updated January 2019


There is a 3-hour minimum per appointment. At least that much time is required in order to produce optimal results; calling to confirm scheduled appointments is not expected or required. Messages confirming appointments will not be answered.


In the event clients need to cancel an appointment, they are expected to provide at least 24 hours’ notice. Barring true emergencies, clients who do not provide at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations will be charged for the full rate of the scheduled session.

Methods & Terms of Payment

Payment is accepted in cash or check. Checks should be made payable to “Live Simply by Annie, LLC.” If paying hourly, payment in full is required at the completion of each work session. If taking advantage of package pricing, full payment is required in advance. Hours purchased as part of a package may be redeemed for their original monetary value for a period of 12 months. Following that time, remaining package hours will be subject to price adjustment based on current service rates. Package hours will expire 18 months from original purchase date. There will be a charge of $35 for any check returned for insufficient funds or any bank draft item that is not payable for any reason, as well as additional collection and/or legal fees to compensate for overdraft charges and unpaid account balances. Refunds will not be granted.

Other Incidentals

Live Simply by Annie, LLC will shop for, and purchase, supplies on the client’s behalf without them being present. Clients are responsible to pay for all installed supplies and Live Simply by Annie, LLC’s fee for shopping and returns, which is 5% of the total retail supply cost. Payment for supplies is required at time of installation. Clients agree to pay up to $350 to cover preliminary supplies. Following that, supply estimates will be given for respective projects in order to obtain client's consent. Actual supply costs may differ from original estimates. Receipts will not be supplied, but clients may request that they be presented. Supply costs may not be deducted from hourly rates of service. In some cases, Live Simply by Annie, LLC may require that clients complete a credit card authorization form prior to the installation of supplies, and may use this card to secure a deposit for services and incidentals, or for the total billable amount.

Billable Services

Billable services include, but are not limited to: meetings at a client's home or place of business, travel time, phone consultations, electronic communication and o-site work on a client’s behalf, including in-person and online sourcing.

Travel Fees

Clients located beyond the immediate areas of service will be charged for travel time, billed at the standard, hourly rate. Travel fees may be waived at sole discretion of Live Simply by Annie, LLC.


Given the sensitive nature of the work and the high level of trust it requires. Absolute privacy is guaranteed when working with Live Simply by Annie, LLC.

Photographs & Testimonials

Clients grant Live Simply by Annie, LLC permission to use, without remuneration, testimonials they provide and before & after pictures of their space in marketing materials, which may include print and online advertising. Clients will be identified by first and last name, or, if preferred and requested, byfirst name, last initial and location (i.e., Jane S., Seattle). Live Simply by Annie, LLC warrants that at no time will client testimonials, pictures or names be used to promote unlawful or morally objectionable activities.

Reasonable Care & Working Agreement

Live Simply by Annie, LLC will display reasonable care in the performance of all duties, and will not accept responsibility for damage to a client's personal property. If applicable, clients are responsible for furnishing a list of specific items they do not want touched or moved. In the fulfillment of organizing services, clients agree to hold Live Simply by Annie, LLC harmless and grant full discretion in the removal and disposal of papers, files and/or other property belonging to the client. Live Simply by Annie, LLC will provide input as to whether items be kept or discarded, but the final decision is always the client's. Thus the client is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the discarding or destroying of any records or personal effects. Live Simply by Annie, LLC agrees to implement the proposed solutions within a reasonable period of time, as discussed with the client, and for the price agreed upon.