About Annie

Annie Traurig. Life editor. Chief of stuff. That’s me.

I’m a Professional Organizer, Simplified Living expert, and author of the widely followed Live Simply blog.

I have worked with countless clients around the globe, from CEO’s of the most successful companies, to professional athletes and social media superstars, to young professionals and busy moms and dads, teaching them to clarify priorities, objectively evaluate their belongings, establish successful organizational systems and strategies, and Simplify their lives.

I’ve served as a contributor to a Martha Stewart’s Circle Blog, and been featured such places as Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, and House Beautiful, among others.

I know that it’s possible for everyone to Live Simply, if only they would. Take the time, enlist the help, reap the rewards.

I love this work to my core, which is why I spend my every-waking hour devoted to it, whether with local clients in Seattle, destination clients (I travel, too!), or the international audience my blog attracts.

(For the whole backstory on me & Live Simply, head on over here.)


About The Live Simply Method


“Live Simply” is a life style.

As such, it encompasses all facets of being, from your material possessions to your emotional state.

It’s peeling away the extraneous: in emotional dealings, the manipulations, obligations, fear, and doubt. In the material realm, the clutter of unnecessary belongings, the tired, worn, or never used, the items that are weighing you down, taking up precious space, and complicating your daily routine.

It’s recognizing that by removing those layers, you may uncover the underlying essence—the beauty of Simplicity.

It’s consistently striving to choose the most direct, honest and kind method of communicating, relating, and living.

It’s deciding that you are worthy and capable of having a space and a life that provides you fulfillment and happiness.

It’s learning to be intentional about what you bring into your space and your life.

It’s living with awareness of self, of others, of genuine need.

It’s keeping it real.

It’s finding the humor.

It’s making it lovely.

It’s Live Simply.


About The Live Simply Blog


With millions of views since its inception in 2011, the Live Simply blog is an unparalleled resource for readers seeking guidance on how to achieve beautifully organized spaces and blissfully Simplified lives.

Hundreds of thousands of loyal readers spanning the globe–from places as close as Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles, to as far away as Australia, Finland, India and Brazil–visit the blog daily to read about topics like storage solutions for specific items or areas, organizational tutorials, and strategies for solidifying priorities and achieving overall clarity and efficiency.

The weekly series “Monday’s Meditation” caters to the psychological component of Simplified, intentional living, while the “Spotlight on Designers” series is an opportunity to showcase inspiring interiors.