Favorite this: July 2017

August 1, 2017

We’re coming in hot to August with a recap of the five little organizing wonders that have been helping me to help others Live Simply.

Five little organizing wonders that'll fast become your favorites.

1. Prep works prokeeper 

That I’m including a new food canister line to the Favorites club is no small potatoes. The Pop canisters have been reigning kitchen champion for as long as there’s been favorites. But last month, I was completely impressed with the prepworks prokeeper line.

For one thing, I love the shape and size offerings. I love that there’s a teeny-tiny one–much, much smaller than are available in most canister sets. The lids have a completely secure closure, thanks to both the rubber ring, and the lid clips.

These are different from many other canister sets in that they market most all of them as being for specific purposes. For example, there’s a brown sugar keeper, a rice keeper, a bread keeper, a flour keeper, and a powdered sugar keeper.

Most all of those come with little add-ons that cater to the storage of the intended contents: the grain keeper includes a scoop, and a place to hold a recipe card, the flour keeper comes with a leveler bar, the mini guy comes with a level and sliding dusting screen, the coffee keeper comes with a coffee scoop measurer, the brown sugar keeper includes a terra cotta disk that prevents brown sugar from drying out. HOWEVER (!) each and every one of those add-ons can ALSO (!) be removed entirely, should you choose to use their brown sugar keeper as your lentil canister, their sugar keeper as your walnut canister, and so on. I’m really in love with a line that so thoroughly caters to specific storage purposes, while also providing for complete versatility. That’s some graceful storage shit.



Five little organizing wonders that'll fast become your favorites.

2. Floor Bike Rack

Wall mounted bike racks that relieve floor space of bicycles are great in theory, and in the wintertime. But when bikes are being used for daily spins around the neighborhood, it’s rawther a pain to be constantly heaving that frame and wheels up and down as if bike-lifting were the actual sport. It’s particularly unrealistic to expect children to do so.

So yes, ground level bike storage is preferable this time of year. The whole garage floor being overtaken by a tangle of toppling and unwieldy bikes, on the other hand is less than ideal.

I helped multiple clients avoid the wheel web last month by way of a floor bike racks, and what a difference they make! This one is my stand out pick. It’s sturdy and can be configured to accomodate two bikes in the same direction or in the opposite direction. I also like the fact that each rack maxes out at two bikes. If you’re using more than one rack, that means you can choose how closely together you want to park them. I found that leaving a bit of extra space between two racks made all the bikes feel more accessible.



Five little organizing wonders that'll fast become your favorites.

3. Photo case carrier

Nowadays, no one I work with has any illusions about their having time to make a photo album, which is phenomenal. But the expectation and desire to have one’s photos be organized and perusable understandably (thankfully!) remains.

Recently, I overhauled a client’s entire collection of photos, which was documented on instagram stories. [Stories disappear, and so if you missed it, well, shucks. Follow along for next time and such.] The task reminded me of my adoration for this storage system which is the least time-consuming and most organized method for corralling photos.

The 4×6 cases are basically the hard, plastic version of the photo developer’s paper envelope, meaning they’re fairly effortless to use (put the photos in, close the latch), but they look a hell of a lot neater, and one would imagine they provide much more protection than the paper envelopes as well.



Five little organizing wonders that'll fast become your favorites.

 4. Huggable hangers in Ivory

The complete classic, now in ivory.

Nothing else to say here.



Five little organizing wonders that'll fast become your favorites.

5. Recycling trash bags

I might remark about how silly it feels to include trash bags on a favorites list, only I’m fairly certain I’ve included much sillier over the years.

Regardless, these trash bags have subtly been making my world better for the past two months. Why? They are recyclable trash bags, which means I no longer have to rely upon my clients’ stash of paper retail bags to use as recycling vessels during our sessions.

As much as having a reason to use and expel a bag-stash appeals to me, having a reliable, large bag in which to collect recyclables appeals more. I don’t want to hand my clients a bunch of recyclables in a bag that isn’t recyclable (I never thought I’d type recyclable so many times in one paragraph), because that’d be so lousy of me. This way, the whole kit and caboodle is good to go.

P.S. I also use them at my house, and they make for much easier identification between which bags are full of garbage and and which are full of recycling.

P.P.S. And FYI: I ordered mine online, as I have yet to actually find these in stores.


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