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12 Simple Ways To Change The Vibe Of Your Space From Chaos To Sanctuary

There are probably three thousand and one small things in your space right now, and that's a moderate estimation. These belongings taken singularly seem harmless,...
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18 Questions To Reveal How The State Of Your Space Is Really Impacting You

There are plenty of people who have an awareness of the fact that they're living with some amount of clutter, and that, in their daily...
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Spotlight On A Studio Apartment That Defies Its Square Footage

I have to give props to anyone who Lives Simply in a very small space. These people choose, at the end of the day, not...
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The Most Obvious Solution for Creating Concealed Storage (It Still Works!)

If I tried to introduce you to the concept of using curtains as a way to create concealed storage, you'd likely consider me condescending (she...
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10 Ways To Responsibly Reward Your Live Simply Habits

I've been studying the concept of rewards as of late, and in doing so have noticed there's a crucial error most of us make when...
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20 Assertive & Compassionate Alternatives To Saying Flat Out ‘No’

You know by now that saying 'no' isn't mean or rude or even inconsiderate, it's prudent, at the very least, and potentially essential. Still, if...
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Buying Replacements For Old Favorites? Don’t Miss This Key Step.

I know we've touched on this at some point or other before, but I feel it's time to rehash the topic of replacements. I find...
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Operation Communication: Bring Back The Family Meeting

A couple of weeks ago, I had a first session with a couple who is expecting their second baby very soon (within a matter of...
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Stop Making This Mistake; Simplify Your Whole Space

There's a certain type of "organizing" mistake that pains me more than most. It's when people mistakenly think they should be organizing their clutter. These...
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