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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Did you guys hear? Bed sheets are the latest way to make a personal statement-- forget necklaces and bags. Here's a helpful guide to navigating...
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9 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Feel Nicer

 *This post featured on Simply Savvy Before I launch into things, I should point out that the nine rules I’m about to lay down are...
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Labels To Love

Labels are a fantastic organizing tool. They allocate specific containers and areas for specific items, which helps you to stay organized, and they allow you...
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Project De-clutter: The Product Sample

Don't we all just love cosmetics samples. Perfume, makeup, shampoo, shower gel, you name it, they make samples of it, with all the cute little...
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How to Clean & Organize the Fridge

The fridge is a primary staple of any home, and as such, its organization is vital to a properly functioning household. Be that as it...
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What To Do With Electronics and Appliances Packaging

How many of you are quietly hoarding an ever-growing collection of electronic and appliance packaging? By my experience, I'd say the majority of you are;...
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Take Back The Inbox- Managing Email Clutter

Clutter comes in all forms. Virtual clutter is just as real as physical clutter. As in your homes, clutter in your online world is draining...
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Rinse Cycle, Synch Cycle: Laundry Tips

Laundry. To some the word represents all the hope and happiness in the world, an act full of possibility for fresh beginnings. For others, laundry is...
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Operation Consolidation: De-Cluttering Your Book & Magazine Collection

I know there are many of us out there (myself included) that like to save magazine issues, cookbooks, and other publications. We probably do so...
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