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For Clarity & Contentment, Uncover The “Why”

My work is designed to help clients hone their ability to access purpose. At the core, what I ask them about their possessions is, "Why is this present in your life?"   Plenty of them own a plethora of pretty things. Most of them can easily invent utility for objects. My goal is for them to understand that ideally, an object worth owning both has visual appeal and/or is emotionally evocative, and has practical application. ...

Aim For Alignment

Alignment is one of those words that gets tossed around in the self-help world. But what is it, really? The feeling of being at the right place at the right time. The feeling of having the necessary skill set to solve the puzzle presented to you. The feeling of talking to someone who gets it. The peace of mind of knowing you are making decisions that are in agreement with what your highest self believes ...

Why Your Real, Weird Self Is The One We Most Want

    "Be yourself" is as bog-standard a life directive as they come. I believe the appropriate response is, "Duh." Still, it's a necessary reminder. The desire to fit in (which must have evolved from a survival tactic to avoid getting ousted from ones' tribe and lunched on by whatever beasts were nearby) is strong. The pervasiveness of social media means the pressure to adhere to acceptable standards by sacrificing your authenticity can be felt ...

A Return To Patience

Once upon a time, patience wasn't a virtue, but a requirement. Nature's slow and steady progression was the ruling faction. Nowadays, it has become increasingly easy to be impatient. We no longer have to wait for the arrival of summer, we can simply board a plane for somewhere warm. We no longer have to patiently hunt and gather for sustenance, we can simply order a meal to our doorstep. In a world that obligates us ...

5 Step Recipe For Habit Consistency

  Aristotle (or maybe Will Durant) famously wrote, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Since then, our species has been fascinated by habits. Good, bad; making them and breaking them. Our higher knowings against our lower desires, squaring off for eternity. I'm wretched at scientific reasoning, my mental math skills are embarrassing, and I'm really high-maintenance about getting my hair wet any place other than the ...


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