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Here’s How Excellence & Editing Go Hand-In-Hand

    If you consistently follow through on your promises (show up when you say you will, deliver a work product by a deadline you’ve committed to, support someone through a challenging time, exercise and eat well consistently, manage your household thoughtfully) you’re already doing more than most. To be excellent, you need to give credence to the quality of your efforts (which is a way of acting in service to your future self) and ...

You Won’t Find It If You’re Not Looking…

I recently learned of the existence of “darkness retreats” wherein participants willingly deprive themselves of all light in order to experience a new appreciation for the beauty of sight. Not to undermine the sacrifice and profundity of such an experience, but summoning awe and reverence for something once you’re without it seems fairly easy. Counter-intuitive though it may seem, it requires much more insight and awareness to appreciate what you have while you have it. ...

How To Actually Gain Momentum (Hint: It’s Not The Way You Think)

  I see clients every day who have been stymied as to how to tackle their clutter and disorder. These are people who have been incapacitated for years (sometimes even decades), waiting for motivation to arrive that never seems to.  In a single session, these same clients transform from being anxious, overwhelmed and avoidant to voracious editors who must be pried away from the task by way of unbearable hunger and/or melting-down children. All they ...

For Clarity & Contentment, Uncover The “Why”

My work is designed to help clients hone their ability to access purpose. At the core, what I ask them about their possessions is, "Why is this present in your life?"   Plenty of them own a plethora of pretty things. Most of them can easily invent utility for objects. My goal is for them to understand that ideally, an object worth owning both has visual appeal and/or is emotionally evocative, and has practical application. ...

Aim For Alignment

Alignment is one of those words that gets tossed around in the self-help world. But what is it, really? The feeling of being at the right place at the right time. The feeling of having the necessary skill set to solve the puzzle presented to you. The feeling of talking to someone who gets it. The peace of mind of knowing you are making decisions that are in agreement with what your highest self believes ...


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