What’s Old is New Again: Repurposed Projects

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Friday tootsie pops!

Today I shall send you off into the weekend by igniting your vast imaginations. How, you ask, will I attempt such a feat? By presenting you with a few of the cleverest repurposing projects to grace the interwebs, that’s how.

Yes, perhaps on a Tuesday these IKEA bookcases would appear to you as IKEA bookcases, but with your weekend-wings you will soon discover that, turned on their side, and outfitted with matching baskets, these are actually under-bench-toy-storage for your youngins- hello!

Here’s a little DIY decor math for you:

1 dresser – 8 legs + 1 long cushion + some throw pillows = a fabulous window seat/ bench with storage to boot! Hi there!

I’m so good at math.

Moving along- and this has got to be one of my favorites- a mannequin with shelves to house your (ridiculously preppy) belts and ties.

I, personally, think that bathroom and office accessories can often be interchangeable, which is why this toothbrush holder so naturally accommodates pens and pencils, and soap dish, little notecards.

Okay. Ya take some dumb old crates. Ya slap some wheels on the bottom. And– Ta-dah! You’ve got yourself some dope mobile toy storage.

Again with the crates, but this time, faux shelves in the bathroom. Easy peasy.

This here image looks like your typical bar cart. And that’s cool. Except I happen to know that this here bar cart was once a baby’s changing table. Whoa, bet I just blew your mind with that one, huh?

Of course we can always count on Martha to come through for us, and come through she did; Benches. Stacked. Become shelves. Bam!

These last two images just go to show that you don’t have to get yourself down over a lack of island. Lest we forget, a kitchen island is really just an additional surface. So, if you add an object with a surface, you’ll have an island. I feel like this whole post has been composed of story problems, repurpose style.

Dresser/ island:

Old candy-making table/ island:

You may now put on your weekend googles and begin to view the world in a whole new way.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Old is New Again: Repurposed Projects

  1. Danielle

    Love this! Can you please tell me where you bought those green storage bins?! Thank you and nice job!

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