Wardrobe Armoires, Storage Solution For The Closet-less (9 Winning Examples And Where To Buy)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

[One of the most consistently read posts here on LS is the one titled, No Closet? No Worries; 4 Options for Faking It. That this is one of the most highly sought posts comes as no surprise to all of us, I’m sure. As of late, I’ve been getting a great many requests to elaborate on the post by way of specifics. I sense such lost souls/closet lack-ers are looking for more direction a la, “This is what it can look like, see?” And, “Here, buy this one.” And so, in the interest of being of maximum service, I’m elaborating on the four options in four separate posts, each one ripe with particulars.]

[Last time we covered The No Closet Garment Rack Closet (19 Winning Examples + Where To Buy Them)

Today, I shall do you the courtesy of offering a few wardrobe options in lieu of a closet. The wardrobe/armoire/wardrobe armoire is a fantastic solution, because it’s sort of like implanting a faux, free-standing closet into your space. As proof of this claim, here are nine real-life case studies of the wardrobe in action.

1. The designer Liza Giles (in Elle Decor via Decor8) illustrates the not-really-shabby chic possibilities of the wardrobe armoire. Her armoire features a glass front, which I do believe adds a great dose of elegance, and further incentivizes keeping your clothes neat. Plus, smushed up against the glass, the colorful garments appear like encased butterfly wings, or something. 

2. Petra Bindel picks up where Liza leaves off; her closet is housed inside a glass-fronted piece that’s really more large cabinet than it is armoire, per say, but hey listen, this is about the overall message: No Closet? No worries. And such. 

3. House to Home is mostly here to cheer and applaud as the ball already sent rocketing out of the ballpark soars on. But, isn’t it grand? 

4. BHG can always be counted on to bring one back down to earth in a chariot of practicality, and in the case of the closet-less they hardly disappoint. Teaming up with Jen Jones, I Heart Organizing blogger, they illustrate how smartly an armoire can be outfitted- in order to further convince one it’s an actual closet. 

5. Miranda Kerr (via The Coveteur) damn well better have at least many actual closets, but that doesn’t preclude her from making use of the magic wardrobe. Which, really, if you think about it, speaks all the more so to its utility and appeal.  

6. Jordan of Oh Happy Day offers another stellar application of the armoire. I applaud the use of shoe boxes as a way to accommodate maximum pairs, while the intentional absence of said boxes on far left provides the perfect space for boots. Bravo, Happy Day. 

7. While Martha Stewart‘s wardrobe armoire has not the hanging rack which the others possess, it is exemplary in its own right–not unlike the woman, herself. Just look at that use of space. It’s sort of like one of those search games in children’s magazines, except instead of hunting for bugs and jacks, the goal is to search for the total number of storage solutions employed. I don’t even dare you because you’ll lose steam before you complete the count. 

8. Jade Frampton (via Elle) offers a different take on the hanging situation: hers is situated valet style, rather than, you know, the regular way. 

9. Finally, Victoria Sullivan (via Refinery 29) marries accessories and the main course in a big way in her wardrobe armoire. Clothes are suspended from a hanging bar, while both interior doors are outfitted in cork board, thereby becoming the perfect place from which to mount her baubles. 

And now, if you’ve found your soul taking refuge in the idea of armoire-in-lieu-of-closet, or, just, in the idea of an armoire, then please do peruse the retail offerings below. 


1. akadaHOME 3 Drawer Wardrobe Closet Tower

2. Sauder HomePlus Wardrobe

3. Elite 2 Door Wardrobe Cabinet 

4. IKEA Hemnes

5. ducduc Cabana Armoire

6. Bradshaw Kirchofer Mary Jane Wardrobe Armoire 

7. Wardrobe with 3 Sliding Raised Panel Doors

8. Bratt Decor Chelsea Armoire

9. Paneled Armoire

10. Chelsea Armoire, PBTeen White

You, dear closet-less one, are still daily in my thoughts. Hands clasped and head bowed in prayers that you’ll overcome it–the chances are looking high.

So, what’s got your vote thus far? Garment rack? Or this armoire-shindigery? 

4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Armoires, Storage Solution For The Closet-less (9 Winning Examples And Where To Buy)

  1. Sarah

    i love this… the ideas are great, but i love it more because it comes across as such a novel idea! over here (in the UK) most houses don’t have built in closets… and even if they do (my Victorian house does) they are the size of a broom cupboard, so a wardrobe is definitely a necessity 🙂

  2. Mark

    Amazing selection and love your picks for an armoire. We have the same problem here in Australia with a lot of older house without built in cupboards. Love Victoria Sullivans as to add her accessories to hers.

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