The Ideal Kitchen: Cleverly Customized Knife Storage

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

If we could build the perfect room from scratch, what would it look like? What features would it contain? Let’s have ourselves a little daydream…

As everyone’s thoughts turn to holiday hosting mode, and hours spent prepping family feasts, my own can’t help but to obsess about how to Simplify the process (es).

My most passionate, perpetually wondering is, “might there be a better way to do things? To do the storing of things?” Not because the answer is unfailingly “yes,” or even because the current manner of living is bad or wrong, but because it’s important to continually re-access as it concerns one’s possessions. 

Is there anything particularly objectionable about a knife block sitting countertop? No. Do knives living in a drawer offend one’s sensibilities? I doubt it. But is there, still, a better way to store knives? As of today, survey says: maybe! Ding, ding, ding!

Uber clever, customized knife storage. File under "Dream Kitchen" features.

The tilt-down under-counter magnetic knife panel.

This concept, piggybacking off of the storage solution that is a magnetic knife strip, has all the accessibility a chef could want, minus the knife-always-in-sight situation a countertop minimalist could hope to avoid. 

Uber clever, customized knife storage. File under "Dream Kitchen" features.

If the under-counter tilt down doesn’t impress you, try the pop-up knife box on for speed. It’s a party trick and storage solution in one. 

Uber clever, customized knife storage. File under "Dream Kitchen" features. Uber clever, customized knife storage. File under "Dream Kitchen" features.

True confessionz: I got approximately 2 3/8 winks of sleep last night, so take this post with a grain of knife. Are these actually cool? Am I just sleep deprived? You tell me. 

I’m just out here trying to enliven your domestic and otherwise world is all. 

Image credit: Organizeit; S-box x 3


3 thoughts on “The Ideal Kitchen: Cleverly Customized Knife Storage

  1. Shannonwiffee

    I love the party trick! In my new dream home I am always designing in my head (and never getting online or paper…)

  2. Lizzie Bailey

    HI Annie,
    I have been following your blog for a year or probably 2! I Started off as a professional organizer as well which then turned into interior design/Art (! I enjoy reading your blog posts all the time.
    In addition to my art/design I am now repping a wine company on the side!! I never would have imagined this, but you never know where the road will take you! I wanted to reach out to you to see if you wanted to spotlight on this new wine concept. Scout and Cellar.
    The owner SCOUTS wineries all over the world and CELLars (sells) them:). They have to be tested and pass a bunch of tests to be “clean crafted.” She only accepts wines that are made naturally. No synthetic pesticides , no added sugars or chemicals, produced with organic farming methods, only natural occurring sulfites. These wines are produced like the french and Spanish wines are…which is why when you are don’t get a headache from all the extra stuff most wines have in them. If it passes..she buys them and the reps sell them. The company has succeeded way beyond their expectations. We sold 300% more in the first month (September 2017). Yes brand new company! WE continue to sell more than expected. The wine is unbelievable and much better for you. The world is concerned these days on what we eat and we need to be concerned about what we drink! I’d love to talk to you more about this if you are interested. You can also go to their website. (that is my rep direct site). If you spotlight on us…. I can give you “perks” /discounts based off sales I receive from your blog. Let me know. Thank you for your time.


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