The Extra Mile: Keep Your Car Clean & Organized With These 9 Insanely Helpful Tools

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mine was a driving family, a fact which I attribute to my dad’s having fallen prey, long ago, to the siren song of the road trip. He excites at the prospect of a long drive the way others might find themselves drawn to watch a football game, take a hike, or hop on a flight.

Yes, we spent so very many hours packed into our purple minivan, Dodge Caravan That Could-ing it. We routinely traversed the landscape (or state), the customary sing-a-long cassette tape on blast, my dad tapping out the beat on the steering wheel with his thumbs, the rest of us just hoping the urge to pee wouldn’t hit until the blessed blue of a Rest Stop sign appeared in the distance.

I loved those times the four of us spent crammed into that metal box on wheels, our every worldly possession we would need and also not need while away Tetris-ed into the trunk and under our feet. By “loved” of course I mean that even as a seven year old I “survived” the supposedly fun mild torture, and was consoled only by the knowledge that one day I would grow up and insist on flying anyplace with an airport.

But I can’t help but to wonder how my feelings might have differed were we to have, ahem, Lived Simply en el auto. Might I have felt less claustrophobic, for instance, if the environment were kept very clean and free from debris? Might I have delighted at the excursion more if the travel sets of checkers and Old Maid were to have been neatly contained in a convenient basket? If the car snacks had been placed in a sturdy tote, the trunk kept organized, its contents easily transported to and fro, what then?

Well, then, there’s a good chance I’d be following in my dad’s footsteps, thrilling at the prospect of the open road.

I mean, probably still definitely not.

But that stuff would have gone a helluva long way to making those endless journeys slightly more tolerable. 

In conclusion: whether you’re embarking on long road trips or just driving to the local pool this summer, I must remind you that your car is no less a place that you spend time than your home; its environment no less impactful on your overall sense of wellbeing than that of your house.

So keep it clean, if you would please. And give yourself and your family the structure and systems needed to Live Simply on the road. 

One day, your children will thank you. Or at least, they won’t refuse to drive distances in excess of twenty-five minutes.

And if you have no children…well then you really have zero excuses for not having an immaculate and beautifully organized car.

Right this way towards your cleanest & most organized car (and summer road trips!)

1. Drop Stop – the genius Shark Tank product that fills the gap between your seat and the middle console, preventing your every, tiniest possession from slipping just out of reach.

2. stone woven storage bin with handles – Nobody said your auto storage vessel had to scream I’M MADE FOR THE CAR.

3. grey foldable bin with handles (also in sage & silver) – Again, nobody said your auto storage vessel had to scream I’M MADE FOR THE CAR. This guy collapses easily when not in use. 

4. backseat trunk organizer – This guy hangs from your backseat, aka it takes up no actual floor-trunk space. 

5. collapsible, portable trunk organizer – The trunk organizer with over 1800 Amazon 5 star reviews. Enough said. 

6. auto trash can – Hang it anywhere; stop using your center console and cup holders for trash collection; winning. 

7. maggrip phone car mount – Hands-phoning and driving is so early 2000’s. Safety and visibility is the thing now. 

8. car wet/dry vacuum – A wet/dry vacuum that’s just for the car. It lives in the car (if you like), it’s powered by the car, it’s completely brilliant if you ask me. 

9. headrest hanger/hook – Finally, an answer for the age-old dilemma of where to put your purse (or backpack, or grocery bag, etc.) in the car.




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