This is my question regarding house organization “What would Annie do?” WWAD. 

I lived for YEARS with the bathroom a complete disorganized mess. So was my closet, so was the garage. I shoved things in drawers/cabinets to give the ‘appearance’ that the house was clean and organized. It was a huge weight on me that I didn’t even recognize. 

Not only are you gifted in your work, you are a joy to be around, and you have such a beautiful spirit. Thank you for keeping me sane and focused on the end goal. You’ve done more than simplify our lives, you’ve enriched them. I will be a singing your praises to any potential client that wants a recommendation!

Thank you for rescuing us from 14 yrs of clutter, and for being the voice in my head when I see areas of the house going in that direction. You are my Jedi master, I, your grateful student. The ripple effect of your work continues on even after the initial heavy lifting and miracle working is complete.

– Carmen M., Kirkland WA

“I’m assuming you hear this a lot, but I still have to say it: Thank you! Thank you for your professionalism, your strong work ethic, your sunny personality (that you bring even when a day might not be the best), your humor, your clear communication, and your overall kick ass self. You are amazing and I really appreciate all that you do.”

– Catherine Bell, Seattle WA


“Even a year and a half later, I still think, ‘Damn, I love my organized, happy world.’ Thank you for your guidance, patience, and kindness in helping me get settled in my home!”

– Stephanie G., Seattle WA


“The task was overwhelming and there was no time on our side to tackle it. Annie came recommended to us by great people–her professional attitude along with the ruthless strength that she exhibited helped us greatly in controlling the chaos that we found ourselves in. There’s an emotional side to this which I felt she understood, and that’s why I hired her.

Annie wanted to understand the way we did things and at times challenged us to do things differently–this was key to solving some of the problems. At the same time if something we tried didn’t work she was happy to change it. We loved the two sides of her work–strength and discipline along with flexibility and understanding. Her candor, hard working nature, and tact were greatly appreciated by us all.

Now there’s a home for everything based on the way that we live. Absolute godsend. Thank you!

– Lipika M., Queen Anne WA

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” Annie made the entire undertaking feel doable, instead of insurmountable. Her creative solutions to our organizational needs were, and still are, the best. Our kids’ toy area, fridge, pantry, and arts and crafts cabinet are the envy of the neighborhood.

Annie is so easy to work with. She is energetic, fun, and completely nonjudgmental. Like having a personal trainer to help push fitness goals, Annie was someone I could be accountable to, as well as show me new ways of organizing our spaces. Annie has helped me immensely to ‘get there’–to a place of order, calm, sense about what needs to go where. She is the best, and if we ever move, she will move with us!”

– Lauren S., Medina WA

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“Life changing, uplifting, weight lifted off of me! Pleasant, on point, results driven with a good eye and energy for the process as a whole. Annie = amazing! Thank you!”

– Jodi A., Seattle WA


“[Another client’s] enthusiastic recommendation is why we contacted Annie. I struggle with letting things go and the fatigue that results from tackling a chaotic project. Annie was wonderful to work with as she is very sensitive to those signs of fatigue.

Annie was very helpful to keep me on task and not overly sentimental. Plus I love her simple, clean, modern style. I felt we accomplished so much.

– Liz H., Seattle WA


Annie is a magical wizard who wows me with her ideas at every turn. She comes prepared with a plan that she incorporates so effectively, I wonder how she does it! Annie is very focused on results, but also flexible in how to compromise here or there! Her techniques are the easiest to implement without feeling like you have to do a lot of maintenance to keep things organized.”

– Kelli B., Seattle WA


“Annie was recommended by someone I trust and I clicked with her personality right from the start!

A general sense of feeling ‘out of control’ in my personal life and my work space [were the factors that made me choose Annie to assist me]…I couldn’t seem to get ahead of the process.

Annie gets to the core of the problems/blocks by getting personal, without prying. I appreciate and respond to an honest and ‘cold hard look’ at things approach. Annie is direct without being cold, methodical without being rigid, nurturing without condescension.

I would say Annie has an innate ability to get to the origin of one’s troubles quickly–not wasting time band-aiding situations so that real change can occur.”

– Dustin N., Seattle WA


“Clutter and disorganization in my house was discouraging for years. I would start cleaning up and then quit after 3/4 of the task had been completed if I was lucky. Years of shopping, dismantling of 2 family estates, and the gradual loss of household space drove me to seek help.

The day before she was to start I almost canceled. I was so stressed and scared.

Annie is a professional, who is nonjudgmental and stayed on task to simplify and organize.

My husband and I were amazed at her results. As a couple we were stymied in our organization due to emotional ties to stuff and where it was placed in the house. 

Annie definitely has a gift of organizing. We love our new transformed home. We could never have accomplished her results without her help.

– Norma H., Seattle WA


What an uplifting and cleansing experience it has been! I feel SO great about how everything hangs and looks! I don’t take off my clothes and plop them on the bench any longer – I immediately hang my things up in its nice and orderly new space.

Feeling like a feather, free of clutter and tidy!

– Laurie H., Portland OR


Annie is worth every penny!

– Helen L., Seattle WA


“With a wish to declutter my home, to downsize my belongings and to finish several long unattended projects, I was stymied as to where to start and how to stay on task over the long haul. Annie’s value in assisting me toward these goals became quickly apparent from our initial visit as she listened to my stated quandary and could accurately reflect back the whole problem. Her remarks showed that she could also see a way to the end goals and viewed the issue with fresh eyes.

Annie was always prompt and quite focused and energetic on arrival. There was no wasting of time on her part and consequently we plowed through quite a lot each session. That allowed me a sense of accomplishment which in turn energized me forward for the next session.

In short, my money was well spent. I made major inroads on some daunting projects, while finishing others and all while in the company of a positive, energetic personable young woman. Enjoying the rewards of accomplished goals with the focused help of Annie was well worth it.”

– Susan L. Clark., Seattle WA


“I was getting ready to move and looking for support and inspiration in setting up an organized home and putting systems in place to keep it that way.

There are so many products and ideas related to organizing your home, it was wonderful to have Annie work directly with me and identify which ones would be the best fit for my family. Annie created a clear road map with specific ideas and products for me to move forward with organizing my home.

Annie is a great listener and incredibly professional. She identifies your problem areas and comes up with smart, feasible solutions to help you create and maintain the organized space you envision. She also has great energy and is a pleasure to work with.”

– Kimberly C., Los Angeles, CA


“I loved working with Annie because she got right to work and was completely fearless about tackling a huge mess. The work happened quickly and efficiently, and the most amazing thing was the result! It was gorgeous – she has a good eye for design and aesthetics, as well as organization, which was wonderful.

Annie was professional, efficient, thorough, considerate of my needs and priorities – of what’s meaningful to me – She let me make all the decisions and managed the process of getting it done – She took care of my overwhelm. Thank you! Wonderful results!!

– Jacqui Smith-Bates, Seattle WA

“I was suffocating under an ever-increasing avalanche of paper generated by my professional practice. Every time I started to try to organize even a small corner of it, I would become frustrated and give up.

What was most valuable about working with Annie was the way in which she personalized the system she created. We worked together, she got to know me and some of the personality traits that led to the clutter situation, and she designed it all in a way that could easily be assimilated right into the rhythm of my life and my work day.”

– Emily M., Birmingham MI
“Annie helped me transform our hall closets and basement storage area from a mess of anything we needed to store (and hide), to organized, clearly labeled workable space. She has the vision to be able jump immediately into the job, not wasting a second, and works tirelessly until the task is complete. My husband actually asked her to come back to help him organize his closet (I never thought that would happen!) and the system she devised for him is keeping him organized. We had fun working with Annie, too! We enjoy showing guests in our home how neat and well organized these areas are now.”

– Beth M., West Bloomfield MI
“As a boutique designer firm in New York, I have been exposed to a plethora of houses and apartments.  Many of my projects have included residences and professional offices in New York, the Hamptons and Seattle, Washington, and through Live Simply all of those spaces have been perfected.  Translating my clients’ lifestyles and needs into a stunning as well as functional environment is my main goal. With Annie’s services I was able to give my clients not only a beautiful home to live in but one that was organized to their individual needs.  You do not know what you are missing until you use Live Simply!”

-Alyse Ruth Designs, New York City