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Holiday Decoration Storage Essentials

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Everyone (who celebrates Christmas) just unpacked all their decorations, and realized, once again, the sad state of their holiday storage situation.

Haggard boxes. Stray cookie tins turned ornament vessel. Cracked bins. And oh, good lord almighty, the lights. The state of the lights was almost enough to cause them to have an aneurism, or at the very least some serious marital anguish.

But this is the year! They’ve decided. This is the year that when it comes down, it gets put away carefully, beautifully, safely. This is the year they procure the necessary storage. In advance! In anticipation!

Well, then…

1. Adjustable ornament storage box

2. ornament storage

3. light and cord wrap with wing lid bin

4. light and cord wind ups

5. Rolling tree storage bag

6. Wreath storage bag

7. Stemware/wine glass storage case // Mug/cup and china storage case

8. Hard shell plate protector

P.S. For everything else: clear, weathertight totes



Holiday Storage Necessities

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Look, no one wants to be the grinch who stole christmas decorations because she was so damn eager to put them away in her storage containers in an organized fashion, me included. Take your time, drink your nog, I’m all for that. But come the day when it’s all done (for this year) you’re going to want to be prepared is all I’m saying. So maybe, make sure you’re ready with holiday storage, then drink your nog, then you’ll be doubly happy when the time comes to use it, oui?

1. Jubilee Ornament Storage Chest

2. Moire Archival Ornament Box

3. Wing-Lid Box with Ornament Dividers

4. Keepsake Ornament Storage Chest   

5. Wing-Lid Light Storage Box 

6. Holiday Light Cord Wrap

 7. Light and Cord Wind Ups

8. Snaplock Wreath Storage Box

9. CoverMates Christmas Tree Storage Bag

10. Household Essentials Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Green Trim

11. Round Plate Storage Cases

12. Stemware Storage Case

13. Cup/Mug Storage Case

14. Watertight Tote

15. Smart Store Adhesive Labels