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Top 5 Small Space Solutions Posts Of 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It’s the annual top posts of the year week on Live Simply!

As has become the tradition, we’re wrapping up 2016 by looking back at the posts you deemed your favorites by way of clicks, re-pins, re-shares and so on. Whether that’s because they’re the most helpful or the most wacky, well, I’ll leave that to you to decide.

For the next two weeks, a concise list of stand-out blog post stars will be yours to peruse. Revisit posts that struck a cord. Read posts you missed during the year. Bask in a Live Simply glow. And hey, be a pal and share the ones you really love with the ones you really love, okay?

Thank you ever so much for reading. Commence the counting down!  

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Variations on The Vertical Stack for Storing Pans, Trays, and Boards

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We all know by now that vertically stacking things like cutting boards, baking pans and sheets, and serving platters and trays is preferable. And we are no doubt equally familiar with the pathetic two-ish slots found in most first world kitchens; this most slenderest, most puniest, most lowest downest and darkest cupboard wherein resides your cooling racks and co. It’s a disgrace I tell you!

If you have the opportunity, why not try giving your flat kitchen things some more room to breathe? Instead of having just two measly slots, have ten! Heck, have twenty! Okay, twenty might be too many, but like, have a lot more than two.

As a rather spiffy alternative to the stationary slots: slots in a drawer! Offers the unparalleled advantage of the birds-eye-view, which is as important in battle as it is in cuisine. What?

While you’re at it, why not consider putting that space atop the ice box to a better purpose? You get the full width of the fridge to outfit with slots, and you’ll probably get to invest in a cute little stool in order to reach them.

If you’re somewhat short on the means to update your space and the word “contractor” is a foreign term to you, then try these more DIY-able options.

Exhibit a: tension rods become slots when positioned between two shelves.

Exhibit b: Vertical stacking and independent units that are easily situated on countertops or pantry shelves.

Free your baking trays, bubblegums! Let them, like the batman himself, rise from the darkness and take their throne on the most prime kitchen real estate.

Image credits: BHG, Schuler CabinetryBHG, Family Handy ManMartha Stewart, She KnowsMartha Stewart, Style at Home