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10 Shoe Racks For Cluttered Entryways, Coat Closets & Beyond

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

There are a handful of storage items that I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that people are always in need of. A shredder. A file cabinet. And even more than either of those two: a shoe rack.

Entryways beg for them. 

Coat closets weep in yearning.

I see it everyday, and I’ll tell you one thing: it’s a damn shame. All that’s generally standing between disaster and order is a rack and the discipline needed to put the shoes on it.

So, here, since you probably need one, too, are 10 shoe racks from which to choose: 

Organized shoe storage for entryways, coat closets & beyond.



1. 3-tier bamboo shoe rack

2. 3-tier white shoe rack

3. Adjustable shelf height, slanted, stay-put edge shoe rack

4. household essentials 4 tier shoe rack

5. white 3-tier shoe organizer

6. 6-tier shoe rack w/ top shelf

7. Stackable shoe shelf

8. White shoe rack tower

9. Ashwood and perforated steel Bench/ shoe rack

10. Slim white shoe rack




A Simple Trick To Squeeze More Storage Into Your Small Closet Space

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I’m keeping it brief today, with sincerest apologies (or not). Only, I was in Chicago last week-weekend, and am currently in the midst of orchestrating a major move-in, and, listen, I am just a little Annie at the end of the day.

Here’s a quick tip that if you already knew you’ll have the pleasure of rolling your eyes at and then you’re welcome for making you feel like a total pro. If you didn’t know it before, prepare to have it make that crucial bit of difference in your closet space. 

If you find delight in clothing the south-of-ankle region, you’re probably the owner of a somewhat robust collection of shoewear. Given reality, you may also be the possessor of a closet space that is less than robust.

What’s a feet-aesthete to do?

Rather than storing all your shoes facing the same direction–either all toes pointing out or all heels pointing out–alternate the direction of each shoe within a pair to increase the number you can fit on a shelf. It doesn’t matter whether the right faces out and the left faces in or vice versa, so long as you repeat the same layout for the entire shelf of shoes.

Like so:

This trick will save you precious closet space--try it!

This trick will save you precious closet space--try it!

This trick will save you precious closet space--try it!

This trick will save you precious closet space--try it!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll tell you this tip isn’t a total guarantee. There are cases where, alternate or not, that shelf just isn’t going to comfortably accomodate another Thumbelina-sized slipper. But, in the spirit of hopeful encouragement, I will tell you that more often than not, this little trick frees up the precious inches (inch?) needed to fit that extra pair. And anyone who knows anything about anything will tell you: that extra pair makes all the difference. And also they’ll tell you that my persuasiveness evidently decreases proportionate to my fatigue.

Even if you don’t end up gaining a full extra shoe-spot, alternating the direction of your shoes will allow you to space them a bit further apart. This will make them easier to access, which will increase the likelihood you’ll wear them, so you really can’t lose.  

Plus, when you alternate you get the benefit of the dual-angle; party in the front, party in the back–both, at once. What haircut or storage technique can say as much?


Image credits: Glitter GuideThe Coveteur, Lonny, The Coveteur

8 Totally Great (Non-Ugly) Shoe Racks

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If there’s one thing people are perpetually in need of it’s shoe racks. This is hardly because shoe racks are hard to come by; in fact, the interwebs and the home goods stores are stocked to high heavens with the things. Only, the majority of them are about as appealing in looks and quality as something very, very unappealing.

So I set out to find a bunch of shoe racks that are wholly unobjectionable in looks and craftsmanship. A few might even be rawther stylish places to park your footwear.

You be the judge/shopper.

shoe racks for every space!


1. Chrome Supreme 50 Pair Shoe Rack

2. Four tier Stacking Shoe Rack

3. New York Closet Shoe Ladder

4. Sko Shoerack – Grey

5. Sarah Storage Tower – Shoes & Boots

6. Kellan Shoe Rack

7. Mercer Storage Bench

8. Universal Expert Shoe Bench