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Top 5 Small Space Solutions Posts Of 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It’s the annual top posts of the year week on Live Simply!

As has become the tradition, we’re wrapping up 2016 by looking back at the posts you deemed your favorites by way of clicks, re-pins, re-shares and so on. Whether that’s because they’re the most helpful or the most wacky, well, I’ll leave that to you to decide.

For the next two weeks, a concise list of stand-out blog post stars will be yours to peruse. Revisit posts that struck a cord. Read posts you missed during the year. Bask in a Live Simply glow. And hey, be a pal and share the ones you really love with the ones you really love, okay?

Thank you ever so much for reading. Commence the counting down!  

the top five most popular posts about small space solutions! Pin now, read later.


5. 1 Big Reason These Kitchen Islands Are Better For Small Spaces Than The Rest


4. 9 No Closet Solutions


3. 7 Inspiring Examples Of Makeup Dressing Tables For Small Spaces


2. 10 Space-Saving, Order-Inducing New Uses For Tension Rods


1. Behind Door Number One–A World Of Storage For Your Small Space



This & That: Small Space No Closet Solutions from CB2

Thursday, April 7, 2016

In my daily life, I stumble across so many things that I think are pretty darn rad that I believe would be of benefit and interest to my readers and clients.

So I zealously tear pages out of catalogues and magazines and so forth, but then find myself at a loss as to what to do with said information and items. Maybe they don’t quite fit into the blog posts I feel like writing at the time and they aren’t beefy enough on their own to constitute a post. So I eventually crumble them up, rather sadly, and move on with my life, albeit feeling as though I didn’t share the PSA.

Listen, I’m not suggesting I’m privy to some secret source of awesomeness; I’m pretty sure CB2 has a couple dozen people at this point on their mailing list. Only, I’m looking through materials with my organizer eyes, meaning that maybe I notice things you flipped over. Who knows?

Anyhow, CB2 has been, in my opinion–and barring the Lenny Kravitz collaboration which just felt like what the what and why now?–playing a strong style and small space solutions game as of late. And so it is that for the first time, I’m shouting out just two items in this post, without having any real theme or even a shared category. (Other than helpful, innovative, attractive, and did I mention solution oriented?)

Take it or leave it. A little bit of this and that.

1. Outside the box wall mounted stand


Such a fantastic solution for no closet situations!

Such a fantastic solution for no closet situations!


2. SAIC valet 23.5″ jewelry cabinet with mirror


Why just have a mirror, when you can have a mirror that doubles as a jewelry cabinet?!


9 No Closet Solutions

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

As it was just the close of the last year, I took a moment to glance through the search terms people use to find my site. Among the hilariously varied attempts at nailing the name of my company was the glaringly obvious fact that closet-less people are still searching for solutions as much as ever. This makes sense, since people are still wearing clothes most of the time, and spaces are still small and closets, still scant.

So for the thousands of you who will google “I don’t have a closet helppp Annie” today, alone, I give you the latest offering: 9 options, ranging in price from very budget to rawther luxe, for creating a closet out of thin air.

There's hope for the closet-less, hooray!!


1. Manhattan Comfort 2-door Bellevue Wardrobe

2. Christopher Knight Home Richfield Rolling Wardrobe

3. Whitmor Slat Wood Wardrobe

4. Juliette Armoire

5. Mid Century Wardrobe

6. Reflection Wardrobe

7. The Emily and Meritt Wardrobe Rack

8. Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer

9. Lacquered Regency Armoire