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Spotlight On Blair Harris Interior Design

Friday, February 28, 2014

It’s Friday, and that’s always a good thing, not to mention it’s girl scout cookie season. So.

As if those two entities weren’t reason enough to celebrate, today I’m spotlighting the work of Blair Harris. B. H. opened her doors in 2011, and just twelve measly months later, the divine design beacon that is House Beautiful came a beckoning, naming-crowning would be more like it-her one of their top 10 “Designers to Watch.” 

I’m watching, but the question is, are you?

What strikes me about Blair’s work is how she’s able to achieve a sense of coziness. Lots of designers rely on lovingly worn antiques or soft lines to communicate such comfort. In contrast, Blair’s portfolio is ripe with strong, almost stark architectural elements. Bold, clean lines, precision of placement, statement-making fixtures, that’s the Harris touch–hardly the elements naturally linked to “cozy” in one’s mind.

And yet:   

Case, rested.

Enjoy the roasted cashews out of this weekend. 

Do one thing you’ll want to kiss yourself for come Monday, that’s the trick.