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6 Winning New Uses For Old Drawers

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last week or something I wrote a post about the versatility of binder clips, which my dad would advise that you definitely not check out. 

Afterwards, I got to talking with my bestie about the post (because some people liked it, DAD), and making things and repurposing and so on. She was quite excited because the final application featured in the post was one she, herself, has replicated. She sent me a picture of her version, which features old drawers as modular shelves.

And then I went “Hot diggety dog! Old drawers!”

And so now here are a bunch of old drawers, used in different ways. You’re welcome. 

1. Shelves

As aforeblogged, old drawers evidently work exceedingly well when employed as modular shelving units. It’s a highly customizable approach to wall shelves I must say, and can be used for either functional storage or just display. 

Image credits (clockwise from top right): Country Living, Skona HemHouse and HomeUrban Retro

Go big or go little and either way go home. Although in this case “going home” is not the shameful punishment it usually is when used in such a context. And why it is, after all?

Image credits (top to bottom): Cori KindredShades of Grey

2. Jewelry Organizer 

Many, many more iterations of that in the post on repurposing vintage type set drawers

Image credit: Fun.kyti.me

3. Under-bed Storage 

Truthfully, I still don’t want to go hugging this idea, but, you know, if you have to. 

Slap some casters on your old drawer and you’re in business. 

Image credit: (bottom left) Martha Stewart, others unknown 

4. Kitchen Essentials Tray

As discussed in the post The Secret To Keeping Cooking Essentials Within Reach And Neat, it can often be helpful to maintain a collection of cooking or dining items used most commonly in an easy to access spot. A tray works well and hey, so, it turns out, does an old drawer. 

Image credits (clockwise from top): The Decorating Diariesthe Joy Of, Rediscovered Treasures

5. Flower Pots 

While I was investing this post, I came across many versions of this idea, and I have to say, it has a certain rustic appeal. 

Image credit: Dig Drop Done via The Columbus Dispatch 

6. Centerpieces/ Partyware

While numero 5 might reside anywhere including a garden, this particular application places the old drawer at the center of a social gathering. Fill an old drawer with flowers and immerse it in your tablescape, or employ it as a serving tray (paper straws necessary). 

Image credits: Style Me Pretty Style Me Pretty Pretty Petals 

Speaking of which, Thanksgiving anyone??

Image credit: Bunches and Bits 

Think about it.

But also maybe try to avoid starting a fire what with those candles and all that moss. Which the creator of the image above actually did have happen. 

Favorites? Lemme know in the comments below. Objections? Take ’em up with my pops.  

15 Brilliant New Uses For Binder Clips

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After writing yesterday’s post about the superiority of binder clips to paper clips, I sort of fell down the well. That is, my own post worked so effectively on me that afterwards I was left marveling at the genius of the binder clip.

Really, when you think about it, it is truly fantastic in design: a remarkable amount of tension contained in a sleek, compact, smaller than my palm-sized frame. 

When you think about it some more–which it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I did– it occurs to you that the limit of scenarios in which the binder clip might be useful seems infinite. Some particular uses are admittedly more ghetto than others (I’m looking at you binder-clip-as-a-money-clip, also: binder-clip-as-a-cufflink) and as a proponent of beauty and aesthetics, I cannot wholly abide those. But the point is: in a jam, a binder clip is apt to solve nearly any quandary. 

Now that I have you at the edge of your seats, heads leant over so as to be practically knocking into the computer screen with curiosity, I shall provide you with a guided tour of the binder clip’s versatility.  Continue reading