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Monday’s Meditation: On This New Day

Monday, December 3, 2018

Today is a new day.

I’ll say that again.

Today is a new day.

Today, you are not just starting back where you left off last night. When you blinked your eyes open in the darkness, you restarted. You left behind everything that happened yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

The heaviness of the past is a weight you processed in your sleep. It escaped through your dreams like vapors. 

Today is an open field for you to play in. (Remember recess? Today is like that.) Today, there is nothing but limitless green stretching out in front of you, and every blade of grass stands tall; unbent. Today, you own the field. You wear the whistle. You pick the game. You make up its rules.

Today, all the ways you once fell short are erased. The loop you had going yesterday–the one about your impatience, and your thigh dimples, and your crappy shoes–hasn’t started. Today, it doesn’t need to start.

Today, you can proclaim to yourself all the ways you’re amazing. “You’re amazing!” You can tell your reflection.

Today, you’ll remind yourself how well you’re doing, all things considered. You’ll think about all the forces working in your favor. 

Today, you will be excellent, and you won’t apologize so much for every little perceived slight.

Today, you are already a champion. Already the best. Already the front of the pack in the race that is being run by only you. Today, you are what no other person can be.

Today, so long as you practice compassion for yourself and for others, you will be considered a success.

Today is your chance to set new personal records.

Today is your chance to put your resolve to the test.

Today, you are free to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

Today, you are better than before.

Today, you are more aware, more capable, and more equipped.

Today, you are showing up and paying attention.

Today, you are thankful for the miracle that is today, a new day.

Today, you promise to let yourself be new, too.

Monday’s Meditation: On Making A Case For Mondays

Monday, October 5, 2015

Embrace the Monday!

I remember when I first started writing this blog way back when, it felt to me as though my readers indulged me my Monday posts. They (you?) were like, “I love the blog posts with all the pretty pictures!! …Those Monday posts are long…”

I didn’t care, truthfully, because the decision of whether or not to write a weekly post that was deeper, and more abstract than the rest of the week’s posts wasn’t ever really one for me. It was a given before the blog was born.

Now, much to my surprise and delight, Monday’s Meditations seem to be people’s favorite posts. They’re the ones people consistently reference in their messages to me, the ones people tell me they read without fail.


There’s a cultural notion that we’ve all bought into–that Mondays are more akin to punishment than to actual days.

If days of the week were kids getting picked to play team sports, Monday would be last-drafted, no doubt about it. In the end, the two captains would rock paper scissors over which team would get stuck with him, while the rest of us shouted, “UCH, MONDAY, NO ONE WANTS YOU ON THEIR TEAM. GO DIE WHY DON’T YOU? GO PLAY IN THE SAND BY YOURSELF, JERK-BRAIN.”

Why do we abhor Mondays as we do? Because we have to wake up earlier, respond to messages, and tackle our responsibilities.

The carefree vibe we happily settle into by Sunday afternoon is pulled out from under us by evening, and slaps us across the face come morning.

There’s something that Monday’s got going for it, though. A special gift that no other kid on the field has. If we’re wise players, we’ll notice it before it’s too late.

Monday is a beginning. A Monday is a powerful invitation to begin, all over again, every time.

If external invitations to start over weren’t as effective as they are, then New Year’s Resolutions might have a small, cult-like following, not a global observance that acts as the catalyst for massive lifestyle changes, fueling of economies, and so on.

We rely on external beginnings to propel us forward, yet, with each week, we seem to overlook Monday’s undeniable beginning point.

We spend Mondays, instead, suffering the loss of our weekend, glooming over the work that’s headed our way.

In reality, Mondays are a chance to let go of whatever has happened before. They’re an opportunity to set the tone for the new week; to change, to improve.

Mondays are when we might be most effective, if we choose to be. Since (hopefully) we will have refueled over the weekend by slowing down, by spending our hours in leisure, we come to our work on Mondays wholly more equipped to conquer; our eyes keener, our tank full.


I say it’s time for us to stop dreading the Mondays and start embracing them. Or, at the very least, start trying to use them. Werk the Monday, know what I’m saying?

It’s my hope that these Monday posts I write help you to do just that–to begin your week with a bit of insight, or a dose of positivity, or a really empowering no-bullshit dispatch.

Because the truth is, this is your life. This is mine. This is ours happening now. Moments passing so painfully quickly that years from now we will wish only that each day had lingered longer, whatever day it might have been.

Let’s stand up on our two feet and blink the sleep from our eyes; un-learn the dread we have for any day in which we get to be alive. Let’s see today, Monday, for what it is: another magical chunk of hours wherein we have the blessing of creating whatever reality we desire.