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15 Brilliant New Uses For Binder Clips

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After writing yesterday’s post about the superiority of binder clips to paper clips, I sort of fell down the well. That is, my own post worked so effectively on me that afterwards I was left marveling at the genius of the binder clip.

Really, when you think about it, it is truly fantastic in design: a remarkable amount of tension contained in a sleek, compact, smaller than my palm-sized frame. 

When you think about it some more–which it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I did– it occurs to you that the limit of scenarios in which the binder clip might be useful seems infinite. Some particular uses are admittedly more ghetto than others (I’m looking at you binder-clip-as-a-money-clip, also: binder-clip-as-a-cufflink) and as a proponent of beauty and aesthetics, I cannot wholly abide those. But the point is: in a jam, a binder clip is apt to solve nearly any quandary. 

Now that I have you at the edge of your seats, heads leant over so as to be practically knocking into the computer screen with curiosity, I shall provide you with a guided tour of the binder clip’s versatility.  Continue reading