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8 Cutting Boards That Do More

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A cutting board is a kitchen staple; on that I’m sure we can all agree. At least for kitchens in which actual cooking happens, anyway. 

It strikes me (as I’m scavenging through kitchens the world round) that given the ubiquity of the board, there is surprisingly little consideration accorded them. A board is not a board is not a board, I’m afraid.

There are myriad boards that do so much more than just lay there and tolerate your slicing, and I think it’s high time we make sure our boards are packing as much punch as possible.

I need one of these! --> 8 Cutting Boards That Do More

1. CTA Digital Bamboo Cutting Board – This fancypants cutting board offers not merely a chopping surface, but a docking station for your iPad and storage for your knives (also available with a screen shield). Also: a miniature parachute for rescuing stray, flying veggie bits.

2. Joseph Joseph Chop 2 Pot Plus Chopping Board – The most genius solution for the dilemma of how to transfer your ingredients into the cooking vessel of your choice once chopped. Who else ends up with half the onion on the floor without? 

3. Joseph Joseph Rinse and chop Chopping Board and Colander – A slight variation on numero 2, this version also folds up to create a colander. Innovation! 

4. Chef’n PrepStation, 3-in-1 Cutting Board – This bamboo cutting board comes with a collapsible colander and transfer tray, both of which slide neatly away. 

5. Catskill Craft Cutting Board with Tray – A handy board that comes with 3 separate transfer trays–kitchen prep just got so Live Simply. 

6. Joseph Joseph Large Cut and Carve Plus Multi-Function Chopping Board – A board designed with function in mind: a grip in the middle for easier slicing, an angled edge to collect juices, and non-slip feet.

7. Totally Bamboo 20-1731 Over Sink Cutting Board with Green Silicone Colander – Fit this cutting board over your sink and you can clean and chop simultaneously. Or, remove the colander to be used in the sink and put the board wherever your heart desires. 

8. Storage Cutting Board, Acacia – Looks and brains, that’s what this guy has. Your sliced food gets easily directed into the removable tray resting beneath. 

And thus I implore you– get yourself a board that does more! Because you can.

Why Bamboo Sheets Are Better

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recently we talked about that bamboo drawer organizer, and I alluded to the fact that I had more to say on the matter of bamboo as a material.

If I told you a set of sheets had changed my life, chances are you wouldn’t believe me. And if I followed that up with a “No, really, they have,” you probably still wouldn’t. But lets just, for the sake of things you know, elaborate.

I am a hot sleeper. I always have been. Hot as in extremely sexy, and also as in if anyone actually took the time to wake me up in the middle of the night to shove a thermometer under my tongue, they would find I was sporting an alarmingly high fever.

This has presented a number of dilemmas over the years, the most notable being that individuals who reside under the same roof as you don’t appreciate when you have the windows wide open in the dead of winter on a below freezing night. And even then, you’re still the hottest you’ve ever been (besides the night before).

I’ve tried altering blankets, thinking that opting for a lightweight coverlet over a down quilt would certainly remedy the situation. Fever. I desperately blast the AC in the summer, turn off any and all traces of heat in the winter. Blistering fever. I blast the AC, sleep under a paper thin blanket, and point a fan on its highest power setting pointed directly at my sleeping body and still a fire red hot fever, and a sore throat upon waking (do fans have the same effect on anyone else? Must have something to do with the dryness of the air).

A number of months ago I did a little Google-ing a la the “cures for dangerously hot sleepers” query. Upon doing so, I found the bamboo. Review after review claimed that bamboo sheets were the best thing since self-tanners: touted as being softer than Egyptian cotton, far, far more breathable, with anti-microbial properties, and, most importantly, able to regulate body temperature by way of moisture wicking, which vastly reduces the humidity in between the sheets that causes one to become extremely hot or cold. Sold.

And then on some holiday some lovely kind-hearted person gifted me my very own set of bamboo sheets.

Here is how the past six months have gone:

Bamboo sheets every night.

They get washed, then immediately put back on the bed.

The other linens I own have all but ceased to be utilized. Ever since bamboo acquisition, they’ve been sitting neglected in the closet all forlorn and heat-trapping. Having discovered the glory of bamboo sheets I just can’t go back. These are magical fibers I tell you.

On the few occasions I have had to revert to the cotton sheets (because the bamboo weren’t dry in time for bed) I have had markedly uncomfortable sleep. Each time. In comparison to the bamboo sheets, they seem to literally conduct heat.

For anyone reading who gets overheated at night or excessively chilled, who routinely sweats the bed, who prefers soft fabrics to sucky ones, you must buy yourself a set of set (a few options for solid colors: bamboo sheets by Egyptian Bedding, Bamboo 300 Thread Count Sheet by Kassatex Fine Linens, BambooWeave Sheets by VivaTerra, and for a bit of pattern: Casablanca Bamboo Bedding, and for wee babes: Cloud Bamboo Crib Sheet)

The moral of this story is that 1. I can’t vouch for these zealously enough, and 2. It appears it’s really time to for me to buy another set or two.


Image credits: 1. unknown, La Tavola Linen, 2. Oly Studio via MASHDecorology