Spotlight on Steven Gambrel

Friday, March 28, 2014

It had to have been a couple of years ago now that I was flipping through a copy of House Beautiful or Elle Decor or one of those, and I came across this image: 

I thought, “well that’s nice.” I ripped it out and put it in my inspiration binder and didn’t think about it again until last week, when I was flipping through the pages. Coming across the image again I thought to myself, “well, that is nice.” 

I plucked it out, took to the keyboard and voila, this post on designer Steven Gambrel.

Something you should know: Steven is not likely to be found on any “rising star” lists anytime soon. This is one that has risen. He is the big guns in design, the one you call in to restore that rambling and historic country estate, to give those Astor suites at the Plaza a facelift. Ya falla?

So let’s get to it. Interiors by Gambrel. Get ready. 

Oh Steven, how you awe us with your perfect slight of hand and eye, how you make us want to pack our bags for the flea markets of Paris, for a weekend in the country, if country is anything like what it is in your world.

And speaking of weekend, here’s to it.



2 thoughts on “Spotlight on Steven Gambrel

  1. JL

    Ohhh yeah, falla I do! He was one of the first designers I bookmarked years ago (and featured) because of his ‘oh-wow-this-is-beautiful’ talent. He’s a great feature, Annie. Note to self: revisit his portfolio later and dream….

  2. Ronna

    The office has white walls with green window trim. I laughed when I saw it. Beautiful design, with a sense of humor.


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