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Friday, August 23, 2013

The happiest of Fridays to you.

In keeping with my constant desire to amaze and delight you, I present to you the work of Cynthia Brooks Design. There have been many designer spotlights to date, all of them remarkable in their own right. Henceforth, C. Brooks owns the rights to pretty, dainty, and delicate. Her work is clearly feminine, although never annoyingly so, and this, I believe, is achieved by careful off-setting of lady-elements; a chartreuse among a sea of violet, a navy placed pink adjacent. While it incorporates modern touches, there is the distinct air of timelessness to her designs. It’s a little bit Parisian chic, a little bit Prep. It’s elegant and easy.

Shall we begin?

The tour begins in the entryway, where a colorful door and a sunburst mirror inject just the right amount of character.    

Who could say for sure what this next space is, only that it looks like a dream. 

A sort of scaled back Marie Antoinette dream wherein dressing tables are perpetually tulip adorned and lamps are the most perfect blend of quirk and class.   

Wherein light fixtures are always getting mistaken for magical flower branches and chairs just beg to be lounged in. 

Wherein beds are perfectly made and frames are perfectly gold and doors are glossy black.

Power rooms are wallpapered in subtle symmetry, and staircases are as grand as could be. 

Wherein sofas are the color of turquoise cotton candy, and yellow and white chairs are hardly that at all, but swan-lead chariots. And the coffee tables are styled with care, and remain, naturally, within the color scheme.  

And built-in bookcases are arranged so thoughtfully by rainbow that you almost want to spontaneously sleep-cry they’re so stupidly pretty to look at. 

Don’t bother stopping the tears of joy just yet, because at this you shall weep: 

And believe your dream has taken a turn towards a little patisserie, where cappuccinos run like water and everything is served on things that cause you to exclaim, “that’s the prettiest dang dish I’ve ever seen!” Or was that the pink banquette? The steel windows? The smartly placed storage nook, revealed only by a little gold knob?   

This is a dream where children’s spaces are kept tidy and are styled just so, and rooms contain that bit of whimsy that boys and girls need to grow. 

 I really don’t advice you waking you anytime soon. 

But get some sleep-organizing in, definitely. Do you want me to yell at you? 

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Cynthia Brooks Design

  1. ashley

    Annie, how do you do it? Another stunning portfolio I want to live in! With your eye and skillz for arranging a room, have you ever considered design services??

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      This comment makes me all giddy. Thanks for saying, and you know.. I sort of have been thinking along those lines and more and more..


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