Spotlight On Chrissy & Co. (Classic Sophistication Meets Contemporary Accessibility)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Confession: I have had Chrissy & Co‘s home page tab open for the last three weeks.

Did you read that?

Once, a reader sent me a message which included an impromptu statement about how the number of tabs she has open at any given time would certainly give me heart palpitations. How heart warming it was to know that someone I’ve never met would presume she knows the state in which I keep my internet browser (that being an average maximum of 6 tabs open at the same time, each one x-ed out of as soon as is bossly possible, with two days being the average point at which an open tab begins to strongly agitate me, and never ever more than one open window). Oh yeah, she knew me.

Once again: I have had Chrissy & Co’s home page tab open for the last three weeks.

A chic dining space with a French, modern feel. A chic dining space with a French, modern feel.

I found Chrissy Cottrell’s work during a particularly harried week; it took just two or so clicks before I knew I really wanted to make time to delve further. And then I wrote two week’s worth of end-of-year posts, and since it had no place in those, it sat there: first tab position. 
This living space is small but stylish comfortable thanks to its white tufted sofa, gold, oval coffee table, and layered artwork. Vintage mirror for the win! A small, efficient entryway (looking at you, shoe cabinet) that still manages to have Parisian charm.

It was the way she fuses classic design elements with a modern twist that got me. Patterns that one’s brain automatically registers as traditional commingling with contemporary finishes. The way each space Chrissy touches looks designed but never too much. Because what signifies the work of a true talent more than the ability to know when to say “enough?”Stylish dining space that's perfect for entertaining. Studying Chrissy & Co's design vignettes. A chic stack of a books and a brass design object is all you need. Perfectly balanced design vignette. White leather done right! Love this classic white leather sofa with David Burdeny dramatic print of Reggia di Venaria Reale.

An easy yet sophisticated take on twin beds. The black, velvet headboards are balanced out with whimsically patterned curtains and throw pillows.

Retro gets reimagined in this crazy stylish home. Case in point: the leopard (-ish) print runner.
Perfectly sophisticated yet simple entryway with black, leather bench, whimsical pink artwork, and amazing (it must be vintage!) light fixture. Beautiful bedroom with a vintage feel. Perfectly dramatic bathroom with black walls, white subway tiles and brass fixtures. Beautifully styled built-in bookshelves and an elegant accent chair.

And yet, I think what I appreciate most is the accessibility of Chrissy’s work. The effect of perusing her portfolio is to walk away with the thought, “I can do that!” As if maybe designing our homes to be beautiful and personalized is perhaps a plausible feat for us all, after all. Living room goals. The perfect combination of modern and classic design. Can you spot the TV in this room? The designer very cleverly hid one behind one of the prints comprising this gallery wall. Not that you'd ever know.
Beautiful white kitchen with large island, bar stools, and brass fixtures.

That goal might be even more likely thanks to the home decor shop Chrissy C. is set to open this year in Vancouver.

(Seattle’s just a hop, scotch and a pillow plumping away from there; probably you should come hang out at my house before heading north.)

6 thoughts on “Spotlight On Chrissy & Co. (Classic Sophistication Meets Contemporary Accessibility)

  1. Chrissy

    I just came across this posting and I have to say I’m so incredibly flattered that you enjoy my work so much.
    It’s always lovely to know that my work resonates with other beautiful women.

    If ever you’re in Vancouver, you must come into my shop for a visit. Shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to have some bubbles chilling.

    1. Annie Post author

      Ah, yes!! I’m so glad you found this! Total fan. Ditto that invitation if you ever come down to Seattle. 🙂

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