Spotlight on Car-Moebel

Friday, December 7, 2012

Yesterday I was minding my own business on the internet (just kidding! That doesn’t ever happen online! haha) when I stumbled upon the images below. Seeing them I exclaimed,”Well, hot potato! That’s some darling styling!” 

From what I can ascertain, the company behind these products is one called “Car-Moebel,” as in: car, (see also: what you drive around in) and depending upon the pronunciation possibly: mobile. It’s like a name that refers to itself and what’s better than that.

Using my elementary school knowledge of foreign languages, I also gathered that the company is German– luckily one of the headings is “tisch,” which also happens to be one of the few words I remember (that’s table, for those of you who don’t speak Deutsch . Another clue that the company was German was that my toolbar said “Google has translated this page from German to English for you,” except that was a lie because, excuse me but no you didn’t really, Google.

Below, a smattering of storage and organization products styled by the folks at Car:

Beginning where all of life begins, with cubbies. Don’t question things.  

Another slight variation on the cubby, no less ridiculously charming:

Next up, a really cute entryway organizer. Look at that bag of apples, like someone just came home from the store. You stylists are such good liars in the best way. 

Not quite sure what to make of this next one, but I included it because you need a conversation piece in life. The mugs work, but I’m not convinced that rolling pin does. 

Just more darling-ness. Note the pseudo mail box– would that I could have included that in my How to Organize Incoming Mail post. Also snaps for you if you manage to recite the tongue twister disguised as some poster art. 

Okay, last two, and these get me because of one shared feature…

That those glass cabinet doors slide open and closed— that is Living Simply. 

In conclusion, learning how to use a round brush when blow drying my hair remains one of my life’s goals and I really hope you enjoy your weekend. 

*No compensation received for this post.


3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Car-Moebel

  1. ashley

    haha you are so cute! i’m so behind on your posts this and last week and it’s totally bumming me out. why can i be a professional blog reader?? also, love that first space! AND for your hurr (aka hair), have you read How to Look Expensive? i’m not a fan of the title of the book, but the book itself is SO helpful – literally step by step directions on how to blow out your own hair and which products are best. i bought a brush they recommended and it changed my life. also, the illustrations are darling and done by dallas shaw 🙂


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